“10 Questions To Ask Yourself: Is He Cheating On Me Or Am I Just Paranoid?”

10 Questions To Ask Yourself: Is He Cheating On Me Or Am I Just Paranoid?

Relationships can be tricky, and when we’re in them, it’s natural to sometimes question whether our partners are being faithful. But how do you know if your suspicions are warranted or if you’re just being paranoid? Here are 10 questions to ask yourself when trying to determine whether your partner is cheating on you or not.

1. Are there any changes in the way he talks to me?

Has your partner become increasingly distant with you, or has their tone of voice changed when speaking to you? These subtle changes in communication can often be an indicator that something is off in the relationship. If this is happening, it may be worthwhile to bring up the topic with him directly and express your concerns.

2. Has he been more secretive lately?

If your partner has been more guarded about their whereabouts and activities lately, this could be a sign that they are hiding something from you. Ask yourself if they have been avoiding giving specifics about where they are going, who they are seeing or what they are doing when away from home.

3. Does he get defensive easily?

When trying to talk about the issue of possible infidelity, does your partner become overly defensive and shut down the conversation quickly? This could be a sign that they are feeling guilty and don’t want to discuss it further as a result.
4. Does he avoid physical contact with me?
If your partner has suddenly become less affectionate than usual—or avoids physical contact entirely—this could indicate that something is wrong in the relationship and may even point towards cheating behavior.
5. Is he working later hours than usual?
If your partner’s work schedule has suddenly shifted without explanation, this could mean that they have found someone else who is taking up their time outside of work hours instead of spending it with you as usual. Keep an eye out for any sudden changes in his routine which may indicate suspicious behavior.
6. Are there changes in his appearance?
Has your partner started dressing differently than usual or wearing cologne/perfume more often than before? These small changes might seem insignificant at first but can actually be signs that he is attempting to impress someone else other than his current partner (you).
7. Do I feel like I’m being lied to by him?
Trust your gut instinct! If something seems off or feels wrong when talking with him, chances are there might actually be something fishy going on behind the scenes which warrants further investigation into his behavior patterns and activities outside of home/work life.
8 .Are his phone habits different now than before ?
If your partner has started leaving their phone unattended for extended periods of time or refusing to let you look at it while in their presence then this could potentially indicate that they don’t want anyone snooping around on it for fear of getting caught doing something untoward behind your back (e.g., messaging another person).
9 .Does he make excuses not to spend time together ?
One common sign of possible infidelity is if one’s significant other starts making excuses not to spend time together–especially if these excuses revolve around staying late at work or hanging out with friends more often than before–as this could indicate that they have found someone else whom they prefer spending quality time with instead of their current (you) partner