“10 Secret Bedroom Moves That Will Drive Your Cancer Man Or Boyfriend Wild!”

1. Get Sensual in the Bedroom

If you’re looking to drive your Cancer man or boyfriend wild, there’s no better way than to get sensual in the bedroom. Show him your sexy side by taking charge and leading the way. Let him know that you can be both passionate and gentle, and that you’re ready to explore all of his desires. The more intimate and seductive you can be, the more aroused he’ll become!

2. Make Eye Contact

Eye contact is a powerful tool when it comes to connecting with your Cancer man or boyfriend on an emotional level. When you make direct eye contact during sex, it creates an intense bond between the two of you that will leave him wanting more. This connection will drive him wild and keep him coming back for more!

3. Use Your Voice

Your voice can be a powerful aphrodisiac when used correctly in the bedroom. Whisper sweet nothings into his ear as you caress his body, or moan softly as he touches you in all the right places. These vocal cues will tell him exactly what pleases you and will drive him even further into arousal!

4. Tease Him

Teasing is one of the best ways to drive your Cancer man or boyfriend wild in bed! Take things slow and tantalize him with light kisses before taking it up a notch with some playful biting or scratching. This will leave him begging for more and will definitely have him wanting to come back for another round!

5. Get Adventurous

Cancers love adventure, so don’t be afraid to get creative in the bedroom! Try new positions or introduce some toys into your sex life – anything to spice things up a bit! He’ll appreciate your willingness to experiment and will definitely thank you for it later on!

6. Give Him Compliments

Complimenting your Cancer man or boyfriend during sex is a surefire way to drive him wild! Letting him know how much pleasure he’s giving you will make him feel like Superman – which is exactly what he wants from his partner! So don’t be shy about expressing yourself verbally – it’ll only make things even hotter between the two of you!

7. Experiment With Different Touching Techniques

Cancers love variety when it comes to touching techniques – so why not try something new? From light caresses to firm massages, there are countless ways that you can touch your partner that’ll have them begging for more! So don’t be afraid to mix things up once in a while – he’ll definitely appreciate it!

8. Be Spontaneous

Cancer men and boys love spontaneity – so why not surprise them every now and then? You could start off with a romantic dinner at home before heading straight into the bedroom for some steamy action – they won’t know what hit them but they’ll certainly enjoy every minute of it!

9. Talk Dirty To Him

Talking dirty is an art form, but if done correctly it can really drive your Cancer man or boyfriend wild in bed! Start off slow by whispering naughty words into their ear while kissing their neck, then gradually build up until they’re completely turned on by what they hear coming out of your mouth! They won’t know what hit them but they’ll certainly enjoy every second of it!

10 Make It Last Longer

Cancer men love prolonged pleasure so take things slow during sex if possible – this way he won’t tire out too quickly but still experience maximum pleasure throughout the whole session. Taking breaks here and there also helps prolong the pleasure as well as add variety into your sex life – both of which are surefire ways to have him begging for more afterwards !