“10 Things You Should NEVER Be Afraid To Ask A Guy – If You Don’t, He’s Not The One!”

1. His Intentions

No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s important to know where you stand with him. Don’t be afraid to ask him what his intentions are for the relationship and if he sees a future with you. This will give you an idea of where you both stand and help you decide if he’s the right one for you.

2. His Feelings

It can be hard to open up and talk about feelings, but it’s important to know how your guy is feeling about the relationship. Ask him if he’s happy with the way things are going and if there’s anything he would like to see change in order for him to feel more fulfilled in the relationship.

3. His Past

It can be difficult to bring up past relationships, but it’s important that you get a sense of who your guy is before committing further into the relationship. Ask him about his past relationships and what he learned from them so that you can understand where he’s coming from and why he behaves certain ways in your relationship.

4. His Goals

Knowing what someone wants out of life is essential when considering a long-term commitment with them. Ask him what his goals are and how they may affect your relationship so that you can make sure that both of your lives align in terms of dreams and ambitions before taking things further down the line.

5. His Friendships

Having a good understanding of who his friends are is key in any relationship as it provides insight into who your guy really is at heart as well as how much support he has outside of your own dynamic together as a couple. Ask him about his friendships so that you can get an idea of who his closest confidants are and whether or not they’re people worth knowing yourself too!

6. His Family

Similar to friendships, getting an understanding for who his family members are also gives insight into who your guy is on a deeper level as well as how much support he has from those close to him who have known him since birth! Ask him about his family dynamics so that you can get an idea of who makes up his inner circle and whether or not they’ll be people worth meeting yourself too!

7. What He Needs From You

The best thing about being in a committed relationship is having someone there for each other no matter what life throws at them – but it requires communication too! Ask him what kind of support or understanding he needs from you so that both parties feel secure throughout their time together!

8. What He Wants From Life

Knowing what someone wants out of life helps put perspective on their current situation – especially when considering long-term commitment! Ask him what kind of lifestyle he envisions for himself so that both parties have similar aspirations moving forward!

9 .How He Handles Conflict

When disagreements arise within any couple, it’s important to know how each person handles conflict differently in order to ensure mutual respect between both parties during heated moments! Ask him how he typically handles arguments so that both parties can come up with solutions quickly instead of letting resentment build up over time!

10 .What Makes Him Happy < br / > Knowing which activities or hobbies make someone light up will help cultivate stronger connections between two people ! Ask him what makes him happiest so that both parties can enjoy doing activities together or separately whenever possible !