“15 Unmistakable Signs He’s Trying to Hide His True Feelings For You – Don’t Miss Out!”

15 Unmistakable Signs He’s Trying to Hide His True Feelings For You – Don’t Miss Out!

We’ve all been there. Someone has caught our eye, and we can’t help but be drawn in by their charm. But is it possible they’re trying to hide their true feelings? Here are 15 unmistakable signs that he may be fighting his feelings for you.

1. He Avoids Eye Contact

If he can’t look you in the eye when you talk, it could mean he’s feeling something for you that he doesn’t want to admit. Pay attention to how long he holds your gaze when you make eye contact, and if he looks away quickly or avoids it altogether, it could be a sign of his hidden feelings.

2. He Gets Nervous Around You

If a guy is nervous around you, it could be because he likes you but isn’t sure how to express it yet. Pay attention to his body language; does he fidget or stumble over his words? These are telltale signs that he’s uncomfortable because of his feelings for you.

3. He Goes Out Of His Way To Help You

If a guy is always offering to help out with tasks or errands, even when they don’t directly involve him, then there’s a good chance that he likes you. It could also be a sign that he wants to spend more time with you and get closer to you on an emotional level as well.

4. He Remembers Small Details About You

If someone pays close attention to the details about your life and remembers them without being prompted, then chances are they have strong feelings for you and care deeply about what’s going on in your life. This is especially true if the details aren’t necessarily important ones–he’ll remember where your favorite coffee shop is located or what kind of music you like best without having any real reason to know those things other than wanting to get closer to you emotionally.

5. He Flirts With Other Girls In Your Presence

This may seem counterintuitive at first, but bear with me–if a guy flirts with other girls while still paying special attention to only one (you), then it could mean that he’s trying hard not to let his true feelings show through in front of everyone else around him. It could be a sign that deep down inside, he really likes you but doesn’t want anyone else (especially not her) knowing about it yet!

6. He Compliments You A Lot

Compliments are one of the most obvious signs that someone likes us–and if they’re coming from him specifically, then it means there might be some hidden emotions bubbling beneath the surface as well! Pay attention if these compliments start becoming more frequent or sincere; this could mean he’s starting to warm up and let himself feel something deeper for you than just admiration from afar!

7. He Asks Questions About Your Life

Asking questions about our lives shows genuine interest in getting to know us better–and if someone who barely knows us is suddenly asking all kinds of personal questions about our hobbies and interests, then there might be something more going on here than just friendly curiosity!

8.He Seeks Out Opportunities To Spend Time With You

If someone starts making plans with us or suggesting activities we can do together (even if they’re not particularly romantic ones), then this could be another sign that they have secret feelings for us which they’re trying hard not to let show too much!

9He Gives Mixed Signals

Mixed signals can often indicate confusion–and if someone seems hot-and-cold around us one moment and super affectionate the next, then this could suggest that their head is spinning due to conflicting emotions about us which they’re struggling not reveal too much yet!

10He Texts Or Calls Frequently