“2022: The Year Of Heartbreak? Find Out Which Zodiac Couples Are Most At Risk!”

# 2022: The Year Of Heartbreak? Find Out Which Zodiac Couples Are Most At Risk!

As we enter the start of a new year, many couples are looking ahead to the future and wondering if their relationship will stand the test of time. With 2021 just beginning, it’s important to consider which zodiac couples may be at risk of breaking up or divorcing in 2022. Astrology can provide some insight into the potential for long-term success in relationships, so let’s take a look at which couples may be most vulnerable this upcoming year.
## Aries Cancer: Unstable Foundation
The fiery nature of an Aries combined with the sensitive and emotional Cancer can create an unstable foundation for a relationship. While these two signs may have great chemistry initially, their differences can quickly become too much to handle. Aries tend to be impulsive and spontaneous while Cancers prefer stability and security; this combination can lead to frequent arguments and misunderstandings. Furthermore, Aries often feel stifled by Cancer’s neediness while Cancers feel neglected by Aries’ lack of attention. It’s likely that these issues will only become more pronounced as the year progresses, making a breakup or divorce more likely in 2022.
## Taurus Aquarius: Too Different
Taurus and Aquarius may seem like an ideal match on paper, but in reality they are worlds apart. On one hand, Taurus is all about security and stability while Aquarius is free-spirited and independent; this difference in outlooks can make it difficult for them to find common ground. Additionally, Taurus tends to be possessive which clashes with Aquarius’ need for freedom; this can cause major issues in the relationship as Aquarius feels suffocated by Taurus’ controlling nature. Unless these two signs find a way to compromise on their differences, it’s likely that they won’t make it through 2022 together.
## Gemini Scorpio: Opposite Ends Of The Spectrum
Gemini and Scorpio are complete opposites when it comes to communication styles; Geminis tend to be talkative while Scorpios prefer silence and contemplation. This difference can lead to major disagreements between these two signs as they struggle to understand each other’s perspective. Furthermore, Geminis often feel stifled by Scorpios’ intensity while Scorpios feel neglected by Geminis’ need for freedom; unless these two signs learn how to compromise on their communication styles, it’s likely that they won’t last through 2022 together.
## Leo Sagittarius: Too Much Pride
Leos tend to have strong egos which can clash with Sagittarius’ carefree attitude; this combination often leads to power struggles within the relationship as both signs fight for control over decisions and direction. Additionally, Leos pride themselves on being leaders while Sagittarians prefer independence; this difference in outlooks can make it difficult for them to find common ground on important matters such as finances or parenting roles. Unless these two signs learn how to compromise on their differences before 2022 arrives, it’s likely that their relationship won’t survive the year intact.
## Conclusion
It’s no secret that relationships are complicated things – even more so when astrology is taken into consideration! While there is no surefire way of predicting whether or not a couple will stay together in any given year, astrology provides helpful insight into areas where relationships might struggle due to incompatibilities between zodiac signs. By understanding which zodiac combinations might be most vulnerable in 2022 – such as Aries Cancer or Leo Sagittarian – couples can take proactive steps towards strengthening their bond before problems arise down the line!