“2023: Uncovering the Libra Man’s Mysterious Good & Bad Traits – Plus, What to Expect in Love & Sex!”

# 2023: Uncovering the Libra Man’s Mysterious Good & Bad Traits – Plus, What to Expect in Love & Sex!

The Libra man is an enigma. He can be incredibly charming, kind-hearted, and compassionate one moment – yet closed off and distant the next. His mysterious nature makes it difficult to understand what he’s thinking or feeling, which can leave you feeling frustrated and confused. So what exactly are the good traits of a Libra man in 2023? What are his bad traits? And what should you expect when it comes to love and sex with him? Let’s take a closer look.

## The Good Traits of a Libra Man in 2023

The most prominent trait of a Libra man is his fairness. He loves justice and balance, so he’ll always strive to make sure that everyone involved is getting their fair share. He’s also quite diplomatic – he won’t shy away from difficult conversations or challenging topics, but instead address them with tact and consideration for all parties involved.

In addition to his sense of fairness, the Libra man is also incredibly romantic and loving. He loves grand gestures of love and will go out of his way to show affection for those he cares about. He’s also naturally quite social and enjoys spending time with all kinds of different people – he loves hearing different perspectives on life so that he can make more informed decisions himself.

## The Bad Traits of a Libra Man in 2023

Unfortunately, some of the same traits that make the Libra man so endearing can also be seen as negative qualities at times as well. For example, his need for fairness can sometimes lead him to be indecisive or overly critical when making decisions – since he wants everyone involved to get their fair share, it can take him longer than usual to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

His natural charm can also sometimes lead him astray – he may find himself attracted to multiple people at once, leading him into situations where he may not be entirely honest about his feelings or intentions. This could cause hurt feelings if not addressed properly right away.

## What To Expect In Love & Sex With A Libra Man In 2023

When it comes to love and sex with a Libra man in 2023, you should expect lots of romance and passion! The Libra man loves grand gestures like candlelit dinners or surprise trips away together – these are just a few ways that he shows how much he cares about you! As far as sex goes, you should expect lots of tenderness mixed with intensity – this sign loves exploring intimacy in all its forms!

Overall, the good traits of a Libra man greatly outweigh any bad ones in 2023 – just remember that when dealing with this sign patience is key! If you give him space when needed while still showing your appreciation for his unique qualities then you should have no problem having an amazing relationship with this enigmatic sign!