“23 Embarrassing Facts You Won’t Believe People Just Found Out in 2023!”

# 23 Embarrassing Facts You Won’t Believe People Just Found Out in 2023!

It’s hard to believe, but there are still some people who don’t know the most basic facts about our world. Even in 2023, there are some embarrassing facts that many people have just recently discovered – and they’re not happy about it! Here are 23 of the most embarrassing facts that people have just found out in 2023:

## 1. The Earth is Round

Yes, you read that right. Despite what your fifth-grade teacher taught you, the Earth is actually round! For centuries, people believed that the Earth was flat, but modern science has debunked this myth. In 2023, many people were surprised to learn this fact – and more than a little embarrassed for not knowing it before now.

## 2. The United States Has 50 States

This one might sound obvious – after all, how could anyone forget such an important fact? But surprisingly enough, many adults still don’t know how many states make up the USA. As of 2023, Americans have finally figured out that we have fifty states – and they’re all pretty embarrassed that it took them so long to realize this!
 ## 3. The London Eye is Not a Ferris Wheel
 The London Eye is one of the most iconic landmarks in London – and yet, many people still don’t know what it really is! For years, people thought it was a giant ferris wheel – but in reality, it’s actually an observation wheel with enclosed capsules instead of open cars. This fact came as a shock to many tourists visiting London in 2023 – and they can barely believe their own ignorance!
 ## 4. There Are Seven Continents
 Another common misconception among adults is the number of continents on our planet. Many people mistakenly think there are only six continents (Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe North America and South America), when in reality there are seven (including Antarctica). This fact came as a surprise to many adults who had been living with this misconception since childhood – and they were more than a little embarrassed when they realized their mistake!
 ## 5. The Great Wall of China Is Not Visible from Space
 The Great Wall of China has become one of the most recognizable symbols of human achievement – and yet surprisingly few people know its true scale or significance. Even fewer know that despite popular belief, it’s not actually visible from space! This news was met with shock by many tourists visiting China in 2023 – particularly those who had been under the impression that astronauts could see it from orbit!