“24 Shocking Things Guys Think Girls Want – But We Don’t Care About!”

1. Perfect Hair

Guys often think that girls want perfect hair, but in reality, we just don’t care. We know that it’s impossible to have perfect hair all the time and we understand that everyone has bad hair days. We’re not going to judge you based on your hair, so don’t worry about trying to make it look perfect every day!

2. Compliments

Guys think that girls always want compliments, but this isn’t true. Sure, it’s nice to get a compliment now and then, but too many can be overbearing and insincere. We’d much rather you show us your appreciation in other ways such as through your actions or words of encouragement.

3. Money

Some guys think that girls are only interested in their money or what they can buy for them. But this isn’t true at all! We value kindness and respect more than anything else and would much rather have an emotional connection with someone than a material one.

4. Expensive Gifts

Another thing guys often think is that girls want expensive gifts, when in reality, we just don’t care about material items like this. A thoughtful gift is much more meaningful to us than something expensive because it shows that you put thought into it and really care about us.

5. Muscles

Having muscles may be attractive to some girls, but many of us simply don’t care about having a guy with huge biceps or abs of steel! In fact, we often find those types of guys intimidating instead of attractive! What matters most is how kind and caring someone is – not how toned their body is!

6. Being “Cool”

Guys also tend to think that they need to act cool around us in order for us to like them – but this couldn’t be further from the truth! We would much rather you be yourself than try to act like someone else – even if it means being a bit dorky or nerdy sometimes!

7. Always Looking Good

Many guys mistakenly believe that girls expect them to always look their best – but this isn’t true either! Yes, looking good can be important for special occasions or dates – but when we’re just hanging out together it doesn’t matter what you wear or how you do your hair! So don’t worry too much about looking perfect all the time!

8. Knowing Everything About Us

Some guys feel pressure to know everything there is to know about us – our likes and dislikes; our favorite movies; our thoughts on certain topics etc., etc.. But really, all we want is for you to show an interest in getting to know us better over time – not having all the answers right away!