“5 Shocking Signs You’re Surrounded By Toxic People – Don’t Miss Out In October 2021!”

1. They Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Toxic people can make you feel uncomfortable in a variety of ways. They may be overly critical of your decisions or behaviors, or they may be manipulative and try to control you. They may also make inappropriate comments or jokes that make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. It is important to recognize these signs and distance yourself from toxic people before their behavior affects your mental health and wellbeing.

2. They Put You Down

Toxic people often put others down in an attempt to boost their own self-esteem. This can take the form of subtle insults disguised as jokes, or more obvious attempts to belittle someone’s accomplishments or abilities. If you find yourself constantly on the receiving end of criticism from a particular person, chances are they are trying to make themselves feel better at your expense.

3. They Blame Others For Their Problems

People who are toxic tend to blame others for their problems rather than taking responsibility for their own actions and decisions. This could involve blaming other people for their mistakes, not taking ownership of their choices, or even shifting the blame onto innocent bystanders who had nothing to do with the situation at hand. Toxic people will rarely take responsibility for their own mistakes; instead they will go out of their way to deflect blame onto anyone but themselves.

4. They Refuse To Apologize

Another sign that someone is toxic is if they refuse to apologize when they have wronged someone else—even if it was unintentional on their part. People who lack empathy often fail to see how their words or actions have hurt another person, so they will likely never admit fault or offer genuine apologies for any harm done.

5. They Are Inconsistent With Their Behaviour

Finally, one surefire way to tell if someone is toxic is if they are inconsistent with their behaviour towards you and others around them on a regular basis. Toxic people often act like different versions of themselves depending on the day: one minute they might be nice and charming, while the next minute they’re hostile and aggressive without warning or explanation—this type of behaviour can be exhausting and emotionally draining over time!

It’s important to recognize these signs early on so that you can distance yourself from any potentially toxic individuals before it’s too late! By being aware of these warning signs, you can protect your mental health and well-being in October 2021!