“5 Unmissable Strategies To Keep Narcissists Away From You – Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Life!”


If you’ve ever been in a relationship with a narcissist, you know how difficult it can be to extricate yourself from their grasp. Narcissists are manipulative and deceptive, often using tactics like guilt-tripping and gaslighting to keep their victims under their control. The good news is that there are strategies you can use to protect yourself from the damaging effects of narcissistic behavior. Here are five unmissable strategies to help keep narcissists away from you and your life.

1. Set Boundaries

The first step in keeping narcissists at bay is to set clear boundaries and stick to them. It’s important to be firm about what you will and won’t tolerate from them, even if they try to push back or make excuses. Don’t let them take advantage of your kindness or manipulate you into doing things you don’t want to do. Be assertive in communicating your needs and expectations, and don’t be afraid to walk away if necessary.

2. Don’t Take Things Personally

Narcissists often say or do hurtful things as a way of manipulating their victims into feeling guilty or inadequate. It’s important not to take these comments personally – they’re not about you, they’re about the narcissist’s own insecurities and need for control. Remember that any criticism they offer is more likely a reflection of their own feelings than anything else, so don’t internalize it or let it affect your self-worth.

3. Don’t Engage in Arguments

Narcissists thrive on conflict and drama, so engaging in arguments with them will only serve to fuel their fire. Instead of getting caught up in an argument, stay calm and rational by focusing on the facts rather than emotions or opinions. This will help diffuse the situation without giving the narcissist an opportunity for manipulation or control over the conversation.

4. Maintain Your Independence

A key part of keeping narcissists away is maintaining your independence – both emotionally and financially – so that they can’t manipulate you into doing things for them out of guilt or obligation. Make sure that you have enough money saved up so that you aren’t dependent on them for financial support, and strive for emotional autonomy by cultivating strong relationships with friends and family who can offer support when needed instead of relying solely on the narcissist for validation or approval.

5 . Limit Contact & Keep Busy

Finally, one of the best ways to keep narcissists away from your life is by limiting contact with them as much as possible – this means no phone calls, emails, text messages, etc., unless absolutely necessary (for example: if children are involved). As well as limiting contact with them directly, try also filling up your schedule with activities that bring joy into your life – whether that’s going out with friends or taking up a hobby – so that there isn’t time leftover for engaging with narcissistic behavior .                                          

By following these five strategies ,you’ll be better equipped to protect yourself from the damaging effects of narcissistic behavior ,and keep these toxic individuals out of your life . By setting boundaries ,not taking things personally ,avoiding arguments ,maintaining independence ,and limiting contact ,you’ll be able create healthier relationships while still staying true to yourself .