“7 Signs He’s Secretly CRAVING You – If He Does These, It’s a Surefire Sign of Attraction!”

7 Signs He’s Secretly CRAVING You – If He Does These, It’s a Surefire Sign of Attraction!

Are you wondering if he secretly craves you? Knowing the signs of attraction can help you figure out if he’s really into you or not. Here are 7 surefire signs that he’s craving you and is attracted to you.

#1: He Smiles When You’re Around
If he’s smiling when you’re around, it means he’s happy to see you and enjoys your company. A genuine smile is one of the strongest indicators that he likes you. Pay attention to his body language and facial expressions to determine if his smile is real or forced.

#2: He Maintains Eye Contact
Eye contact is one of the most important indicators of attraction. If a guy makes eye contact with you for longer than usual, it means he’s interested in what you have to say and wants to get to know more about you. If he looks away quickly after making eye contact, it could mean that he’s nervous or shy around you.

#3: He Gives You Compliments
One of the surest signs that a guy is attracted to someone is if they give them compliments regularly. If a guy compliments something about your physical appearance or personality, it means that he appreciates those qualities in you and finds them attractive. However, be wary of guys who only give surface-level compliments as this may just be an attempt at flattery without any genuine emotion behind it.

#4: He Remembers Important Details About You
If a guy remembers details like your birthday, favorite color, or even small things like your coffee order from Starbucks, then it means that he pays attention to everything about you and actually cares about what matters most to you. This is definitely one sign that shows how much he craves being around and getting close to you!

#5: He Tries To Make You Laugh
Humor is an important part of any relationship and if a guy goes out of his way to make jokes or do silly things just so that it will make laugh then this shows how much effort he puts into trying to make sure that both of your are having fun together. It also indicates how much value they place on your happiness which indicates their level of interest in getting closer with each other.

#6: Their Voice Softens When Talking To You When someone talks softer when talking with someone else this usually indicates two things – either they feel comfortable enough with the person where they don’t need to raise their voice or they feel intimidated by the other person due to nerves or admiration for them which causes them to lower their voice unconsciously as a sign of respect and reverence for the other person’s presence in their life.

#7: They Try To Spend As Much Time With You As Possible This may seem obvious but its worth mentioning because its such an unmistakable sign! If a person consistently tries spending time with someone else then this usually indicates some form of attraction because why would anyone want spend time with someone else unless there was some kind mutual interest? So if a guy always seems keen on hanging out then its likely because they enjoy being around each other!