“7 Unmistakable Signs He’s Absolutely Crazy About You – Do You Have Them All?”

1. He Makes Time for You

No matter how busy he is, if he truly adores you, he will make time for you. It could be as simple as sneaking away from work early to join you for lunch or sending a quick text message in the middle of the day just to say hello. A man who is crazy about you will prioritize your relationship and make sure it’s part of his everyday life.

2. He Pays Attention to the Little Things

If your guy remembers small details about your life—like your favorite ice cream flavor or that one book you mentioned in passing—he’s probably head over heels for you. A man who pays attention to the little things shows that he cares deeply and wants to get to know everything about you.

3. He Goes Out of His Way for You

When a man goes out of his way to do something special for his girl, it’s usually a sign that he loves her deeply and wants her to feel appreciated and cherished. Whether it’s taking out the trash without being asked or surprising her with an unexpected gift, these small gestures can speak volumes about how much he cares for her.

4. He Opens Up About His Feelings

Men aren’t always known for being open with their emotions, but if your guy isn’t afraid to let down his guard around you, it’s usually a good sign that he trusts you and feels comfortable expressing himself around you. This type of vulnerability is a clear indication that he has strong feelings for you and isn’t afraid to show it!

5. He Wants To Be Close To You

Whether it’s cuddling on the couch or holding hands while walking down the street, physical intimacy can be an important indicator of how someone feels about their partner. If your man enjoys being close to you and doesn’t shy away from physical contact, chances are he has strong feelings for you!

6. He Listens Intently When You Speak

A man who listens intently when his partner speaks shows that not only does he care about what she has to say but also that her opinion matters greatly to him. This type of attentive listening can be an unmistakable sign of affection—especially when combined with other signs like making time for each other or going out of his way to do something special!


7. He Shows His Love In Different Ways

  Actions speak louder than words, so if your man is constantly showing how much he loves and appreciates you through different gestures then it’s likely true love! From cooking dinner after a long day at work or bringing home flowers just because – these small acts of kindness are all signs that tell us one thing: this guy is absolutely crazy about us!
 So there we have it – 7 unmistakable signs that tell us whether our guy is really into us or not! Keep an eye out for these subtle hints as they’ll help determine whether we’re in a real relationship full of love & appreciation – or just settling for something less than we deserve!