“7 Unmistakable Signs He’s Head Over Heels For You – Don’t Miss Out!”

The Elusive Signs He’s Head Over Heels For You

Are you wondering if he’s truly head over heels for you? Are you looking for a way to know if your relationship is headed in the right direction? If so, then this is the article for you! We’ll discuss 7 unmistakable signs that he’s totally and completely smitten with you. Don’t miss out on knowing the truth – read on!

He Talks About The Future

One of the biggest indicators that he’s completely smitten with you is if he talks about his plans for the future. If he mentions planning trips together or making long-term commitments, it shows that he’s thinking of the two of you as a team and investing in your relationship.

He Makes Time For You

Another sign that he cares deeply about your relationship is if he makes time for you. This could be anything from taking a few hours out of his day to spend with you, giving up his weekends to be with you, or just generally being available when you need him. It shows that even though life can get busy, he still wants to make sure that your relationship is a priority.

He Cares About Your Feelings

If your man truly adores you, then one thing will always remain true – he will care about your feelings more than anyone else’s. He won’t want to hurt or upset you in any way and will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen. Whether it means having difficult conversations or understanding where you’re coming from, showing this type of empathy and understanding is a surefire sign that he loves being around you and wants to keep things harmonious between the two of you.

He Puts In The Effort To Make Things Special

If your man goes out of his way to make special occasions extra memorable or surprises you with thoughtful gifts, then it’s safe to say that he really loves being around you and wants to show it in any way possible. This could range from anything like surprising date night plans or getting tickets to a show – whatever it may be, these gestures are unmistakable signs that his heart belongs entirely to yours.

He Tells You How Much He Appreciates You

It’s one thing for someone to act like they appreciate their partner, but another entirely when they verbalize it too. If your man tells how much value there is in all the things that make up who are as an individual (your values, beliefs, dreams etc.) then this is an undeniable sign that he sees something special in who are and holds great admiration for all these qualities within yourself.

He Shows Affection Publicly

A lot of people may feel uncomfortable showing affection in public but if your man has no qualms about holding hands in public or planting an occasional kiss on your forehead then this shows just how comfortable and secure he feels around both yourself and other people too! It’s not every day someone can feel confident enough express their feelings so openly – so don’t take this gesture lightly because it speaks volumes about how much value your relationship has for him!

He Checks In On You Regularly

Finally, if your man regularly checks in on how things are going with both yourself and other aspects of life (like work) then this shows just how invested in both yourself and what matters most to him – which ultimately means just how much value there is placed on the relationship itself! Checking up on someone isn’t something we do without reason – so don’t overlook this as one of those telltale signs either!

To sum up – seven unmistakable signs prove beyond doubt whether someone is head over heels for us: Talking about future plans; Making time; Caring about our feelings; Putting effort into making things special; Telling us how much they appreciate us; Showing affection publicly; And checking up regularly on us and our lives outside the relationship. Pay attention next time round – don’t miss out on knowing the truth!