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The Full Moon in Virgo (February 19, 2019)


February is one of the loveliest months of the year, so I hope you’ve been enjoying the cosmic blessings. On the 19th, a bright and vivacious Full Moon (0 degrees) in Virgo will blaze the sky, bringing culminations or big alterations not just in our lives but also within ourselves. Take a look back at your calendar to see what you were weaving into the Universe in the days after the matching New Moon on September 9th, 2018. On Full Moons, we may reap the rewards of our deeds, so aim to prioritise self-love and growth as well as impacting the world around you.


It’s a Full Moon in Virgo, so we’ll be focusing on the small stuff. If you have any Virgo friends or family members, you will know how compassionate and generous they are. Virgo energy gets things done and likes to make a difference in the world. You’ll see progress in your work ethic and routine now. However, Virgo energy tends to forget about self-improvement, so adopting habits that help you enhance your life – even if it’s just an extra hour a week – will be good. You deserve a little pampering, beautiful soul. Enjoy it!


The New Moon earlier this month was beautiful, but this Full Moon will deliver even more miracles. After a transformative (and sometimes harsh) 2018, the cosmos are here to say: “Hey you! Let your hair down and stop being so hard on yourself.” Several planets will join hands and dance across the sky, making any choreographer or dancer jealous! The Moon and Sun will both smile at Uranus, the planet of change, and Mars, the planet of passion and drive. Together, Uranus and Mars’ auras imply that you may trust your intuition and free yourself from whatever that is limiting you, whether inside or outside. This week, if you’ve been stuck in routines or relationships that aren’t serving your highest purpose, be encouraged to say “No more.” It’s time to trust my gut this time.” Your adrenaline will be surging, so why not make the most of it? Trust your inner Ariana Grande and break out a “thank u, next” or “Break Up With Your Girlfriend.” Mercury, the planet of communication, joins forces with Neptune, the planet of divine love and inspiration, prompting you to broaden your outlook on life rather than stay stuck in old patterns that no longer serve you. Saturn, the planet of longevity and stability, will be greeting Mercury and Neptune concurrently with Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This Full Moon is a wonderful time for healing, reflection, and spirituality with these four planets aligned. Release what doesn’t serve you to be happier and more satisfied. Let go of negative relationships or projects and embark on a fresh thrilling journey designed specifically for you. See how each sign is affected directly below!

You can get stuck in routines that feel like a cage, Aries, so think about what routines truly benefit you. You’re good at breaking free when a new direction sparks, and now may be the time to fully embrace that call and feel the wind beneath your wings. If you take the time to evaluate your plans, you may find areas for improvement as well as extra space for the things you cherish.

One of the deepest hearts, Taurus, and it’s hard to let go. When you love completely, you can get stuck in a rut, unwilling to see beyond your own vision and original plan for the future. Whether you want to see more growth from your romantic or creative seeds, now is the time to loosen up. How can you love people better while loving yourself better? Giving up something that isn’t working doesn’t mean you’re a failure or defeated, it means you have more room to grow. You can’t place seeds among weeds because they won’t grow.

You’re quick on your feet and always eager to learn. The unknown is always exciting, but how can you truly appreciate the world if you don’t feel at ease in your own skin? Self-reflection will be extra sweet now, because you can’t fly higher without assessing what you have beneath your feet. Spend some time with your inner heart and recognise that you can’t bring the people you love on the next great journey if you can’t face yourself.

You hold your feelings and thoughts close to your heart, Cancer, but you have a unique perspective on the world. Reflecting on your desires may lead to a breakthrough in how you express them. Consider how you can make those ideas a reality. Allow yourself to be inspired so you can carry a more lyrical voice into the world.

You like bringing the world’s bounty to your feet, strong lion, and building the dominion you desire. Now is the time to analyse what you already have and how you may improve it. Consider how you may increase your harvest by being inventive, hardworking, and assertive.

As an Earth sign, you value giving of your time, energy, and concentration to others. But, Virgo, what do you truly desire? You’re not only good at achieving results, but also generating plans from scratch. With the Full Moon in your sign, dear Virgo, remember to lead with your heart as much as your brains.

You can be a bit indecisive when it comes to making decisions, but taking time to contemplate now can help you in the months to come. Due to this Full Moon’s asking you to take a step back and really listen to your body, spirit and mind, you’ll see whether any imbalances need healing. Trust your need for rest if you’re tired or have anxiety or fears dragging you down. Journaling may help you see things differently.

Your hopes and dreams are typically near to your heart, but that doesn’t imply they’re just mental sandcastles. You often know how to go after what you want without even alerting those around you that they’re all part of your big plan. This Full Moon will highlight your role in your relationships, as well as the larger organisations surrounding you. Are your social ties helping you live the life you want? Consider these long-term goals and how you can achieve them by seeing life as a map that goes in all directions.

Sagittarius, you’re ablaze! You’ll be blazing hot, yet also brilliant as a lightning storm. When it comes to your goals and successes, you’ll realise that you have more power than usual to influence events. You don’t mind the spotlight, but are you actually on the right path? With so much power at your fingertips, take a moment to consider what impact you actually want to have on the world. Start by being honest with yourself.

Set your sights higher, Capricorn, since the universe is telling you to broaden your views. Anything that has been confining you, enclosing you, or not pushing you to be the best you can be may be ending now. You’ll realise that you’re ready for a new level of progress, but first you must change your attitude. You’re usually cautious when climbing a mountain, but with so much luck on your side, now is a time to trust your gut and leap. The greatest travels on Earth are not afraid, so trust me when I say that your narrative was destined to be epic.

Relationship give and take may be on your mind, Aquarius, especially if you believe things aren’t going as planned. You prefer to compartmentalise emotions, but now may be the moment to do some self-reflection and let your inner feelings out. Looking at your closest relationships, do they enrich your life, and do you enrich theirs? Rarely can you find a zodiac sign that has such passion and commitment, but if you are not growing together, you may need to decide if the strain is worth the effort

This is a really strong period for crucial relationships that are mirrors to you, Pisces. Your pure heart may not always reflect what others want to see, but does that mean you are living authentically? Relationships need effort and dedication from both parties. Consider your love language, communication style, and how you can be the purest.

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