“9 Things You Should NEVER Fight About in a Relationship – Here’s What You Need to Know!”


Relationships can be really tricky and it’s normal to have disagreements or fights with your partner. But if you don’t know the difference between a healthy argument and an unhealthy one, it can cause serious damage to your relationship. That’s why it’s important to know which issues should never be fought about in a relationship. Here are 9 things you should never fight about in a relationship and what you need to know about them.

1. Finances

Money is one of the most common sources of arguments for couples, so it’s important to keep finances out of your arguments. Don’t let financial issues become a source of contention between you and your partner – try to talk calmly and work together towards a solution that works for both of you. If you do find yourself arguing about money, make sure to take a break from the conversation until both of you are calm enough to talk it through rationally.

2. Family

Family is another sensitive topic that can lead to heated arguments, so try not to bring up any sensitive family issues when discussing matters with your partner. It’s best to avoid talking about family members in an argument as this will only result in hurt feelings and resentment between both parties involved. Instead, focus on what each person can do differently in order for the situation to improve or how both of you can come together as one unit against any external forces affecting the relationship negatively.

3. Religion/Beliefs

Religion or beliefs should never be used as weapons during an argument – they should always remain off-limits when having discussions with your partner. Even if there are certain differences between the two of you when it comes to religion or beliefs, respect each other’s views and don’t let them come into play during an argument – instead focus on finding compromise and understanding rather than trying to prove who is right or wrong about certain matters of faith or beliefs.

4. Past Mistakes

We all make mistakes in our past, but dragging up those mistakes during an argument is not going to help anyone move forward in the relationship – in fact, it will only create more tension between the two of you and make matters worse than before! So if something from the past comes up during an argument, just let it go – don’t use past mistakes as ammunition against each other as this will only hurt both parties involved without actually solving anything!

5. Jealousy

Jealousy is one emotion that can quickly spiral out of control if we’re not careful, so try not to let jealousy become part of any arguments between yourself and your partner – instead talk openly about how each person feels without accusing or blaming each other for anything that may have happened before or after the discussion began! This way, both parties can come away feeling heard and respected instead of feeling attacked by their partner which could lead down a dangerous path for the future health of the relationship!

6. Pet Peeves

Everyone has pet peeves that bother them but these shouldn’t become topics for debates during an argument – especially if they’re minor issues such as someone leaving dishes on the counter or taking too long in the shower! These kinds of small irritations should be discussed calmly at another time rather than being used as weapons against each other during an argument which could end up exacerbating tensions within the relationship!