After a breakup, what each zodiac sign secretly does

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During this time, they weep themselves to sleep for weeks on end. They are able to express all of the pent-up feelings that they have been holding back in solitude.


They use social media to track down their ex-partners. Everything their ex-partner does is closely scrutinised by them.


They stock up on new underwear and lingerie so that they may impress their next lover when they get together.


They promise to make a significant change in their way of life, such as increasing their physical activity or going vegan.


They reminisce about the past by looking over old photographs again and again.


They spend the majority of their time resting, only waking up to work and eat in the morning.


They publish adorable photographs on social media to give the impression that they are joyful when they are actually hurting on the inside.


There is little lag between them and their goals. It is common for them to jump into a new relationship straight away, or at the very least to have a one-night encounter, in order to forget about their ex-partner.


They devote a significant amount of time to self-indulgence and enjoyment. This allows them to become more acquainted with their own bodies.


A minimum of one drunk text message is sent to their ex to rage at them or flirt with them.


Their favourite desserts and shopping sprees help them to cope with the stress of their lives.


Their social media accounts are deleted so that they do not have to cope with being judged as a result of their split.

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