All Of The Things Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Be Happy

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Adventure. You become bored when your life becomes too routine or monotonous. If you’re not attempting new things, you’re not happy.


Consistency. You don’t want to be taken off guard. You want to spend your time with the people that mean the most to you in a comfortable environment.


Friendships. You’re a people person. You can’t stand being alone for long periods of time. You’ll go stir crazy if you don’t have somebody to hang out with on weekends.


Affection. You yearn for closeness. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating your soul mate or spending time with your nearest and dearest, you need love in your life.


Attention. When you’re pushed to the background, you can’t stand it. At all times, you want to be the focus of attention.


Recognition. You want others to admire you for all of your hard work. You’re looking for kudos and a pat on the back.


Money. You desire to live an opulent life. You want to be surrounded by beauty. It may appear materialistic, yet possessions make you happy.


Security. You don’t want to be concerned about when your next paycheck will arrive. You want to provide a secure and stable environment for yourself and your family.


Freedom. You don’t want to be forced to do anything. You want to be able to make your own decisions. Even if you find love, you want to keep your independence.


Success. You want to succeed in your career and make a name for yourself. You are more concerned with your professional life than with your social life. By a long shot.


Boundaries. You don’t want people stepping on your toes. You desire to be treated with respect and kindness. To keep someone who hurts you at bay, you must establish boundaries.


Acceptance. You simply want to be around by people who embrace you, encourage you, and make you feel at ease in your own skin.

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