Based on your zodiac sign, this is the Hogwarts House to which you should apply.

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Your Hogwarts House Depends On Your Zodiac Sign
1. Aries
Are we shocked? Slytherin is the master of the Aries element of fire. Aries came to win, not to play.
Aries will fight first, then ponder. Slytherins know what they want and fight for it. Aries are a resolute lot. They don’t like to speculate. An Aries has no backup plan. Plan A is the sole plan. They will trample on others to reach to the top. Their achievement makes them happy. Slytherins worry less about being liked than being correct.
“It is better to be feared than loved.”
Slytherins value popularity and control.
2. Taurus
Hufflepuffs are stable. Taurus is a trustworthy sign. They are people pleasers who value pleasure above victory. Tauruses are loyal and strong-willed.
Tauruses are loyal, realistic, and patient. Hufflepuffs are famed for their fierce loyalty. They won’t stir the pot, but Hufflepuffs will defend a comrade in need. Their slogan is “Loyalty Above All”. Hufflepuffs are recognised for their perseverance and hard work. Every day I “Huffle.”
“Those kind Hufflepuffs.”
3. Gemini
Geminis are the twins and divided personalities. They tend to be wilder. Gryffindor tends to procrastinate, but they always win.
Their bravery gives them strength. Geminis want excitement and rapidly grow bored. Gryffindor is the most well-rounded house, either winning the “House Cup” or teaching you in the classroom. Gryffindor enjoys being recognised for their achievements, yet they are still competitive. No damage done.
Gryffindor is very gregarious and people-oriented. Their social abilities might be a distraction, yet they can all work together to complete a job.
Fearless Gryffindors are renowned for taking risks. Geminis are adventurous and despise regularity and constraint.
“You may fit in Gryffindor, the home of the brave.”
4. Cancer
Cancer is the strongest sign. Hufflepuffs are noted for their altruism. Cancers are happiest at home, surrounded by their loved ones.
A Cancer is more concerned with who they are with. Hufflepuffs are sincere individuals who value others’ pleasure above their own. Cancer’s element is pure water. “Waves of emotion” direct the water element. A Cancer’s heart frequently beats before their mind. To be brutal like the other houses would make Hufflepuffs “feel bad”. Their honour is more valuable than gold.
Hufflepuff is the most undervalued house. They are the ones that don’t need it. Slytherin wants everything, Gryffindor needs pride, Ravenclaw needs intellectual supremacy, and Hufflepuff provides them everything for free. Cancers don’t need the limelight, so they let others triumph. Cancers are contented with themselves if they are surrounded by their loved ones.
We should all be Hufflepuffs, I suppose.
5. Leo
Slytherins are born leaders. Leos like being the centre of attention. They equate achievement with joy. Leos are not lazy. They are as clever and tenacious as Slytherin. Leos respect their egos highly. They will shatter hearts to protect their pride.
The Lion of the zodiac is the most dominating Slytherin. Slytherin speaks big, and they should. Slytherins, like Leos, are accomplished. But with glory comes a larger head. Leos are noted to be cocky. We understand it, you’re the greatest, and you win. It’s OK to feel proud of your achievements; pride fuels motivation. But winning won’t always be everything. The top might be lonely. Remember that appreciation is as vital as competition, if not more so.
“Those crafty people employ any means.”
6. Virgo
Weasel-like Ravenclaws are smart and A Virgo is a voracious learner. Organized and meticulous to a fault. Virgos love order and information. Virgos are OCD.
They want perfection. Virgos are meticulous, making them exceptional problem solvers. Ravenclaw is proud of their precision.
Like Virgos, Ravenclaws might be defensive when criticised. Ravenclaws seldom get it wrong, and when they do, it hurts. They are known to self-destruct. They might be too critical of themselves and blame themselves for their errors. Remember Virgos errors are lessons learned!
The wise old Ravenclaw, where people with intelligence and wisdom will always find their type.
7. Libra
Hufflepuffs are “just” and “loyal”. A Libra is the most “just” sign. The scales sign of Libra seeks truth and fairness above everything else.
They are the most obvious. Libras have a special social talent. They can easily set aside preconceptions and put themselves in another’s shoes. Libras see all sides of stories, even those you didn’t know existed. Some, especially Slytherins, may regard this as a flaw, but no one understands like a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff may seem feeble to the untrained eye, yet they have a talent that no other house has. Empathy is their talent. Trust will go them far
Hufflepuffs also avoid making choices. Libra is the sign of indecision. Hufflepuff is “chill” because they are indecisive. They’d prefer you choose where we eat since we have no notion what we want. Hufflepuffs also dislike change. Generations of Hufflepuffs have shared the same rhythmic password. Change scares Libras; they like security.

The fair and faithful Hufflepuffs may be your home.
8. Scorpio
Scorpio is “right” and resourceful. They may be secretive if it benefits them. They can practically change colours. Slytherin is the smartest house. It is defined as desire, aggressive, and results-oriented. No other sign craves desire like a Scorpio. Scorpio is the sensual sign. Ils naissent fiers et Everything a Slytherin wants is fulfilled. Scorpio’s tenacity and drive match Slytherin nicely.
Scorpios are also not frightened of change, which is why most signs fear them. Competitivity is a Scorpio strength.
The potential is there, and Slytherin will undoubtedly assist you on your path to success.
9. Sagittarius
Sagittarius are devout. Idealists are recognised to be among them Sagittarius are the trend setters of the zodiac. Think before you jump, nature. Gryffindor is the “Influencer” house. Large risks lead to large returns. Gryffindors are noted for their wit. They leap higher than everybody else. Gryffindor is a “now” house. They want to do everything, yet they struggle with time management. They are spontaneous, fun-loving individuals. They thrive under adversity.
Brave Gryffindor. A Sagittarius views the sun like no other. They believe in more than just wishful thinking. A Sagittarius slogan is “If you believe hard enough in anything, it can happen.”
They were known for their bravery and gallantry.
10. Capricorn
Capricorns are masters of restraint. Capricorns are responsible and work hard. Ravenclaws are analytical and calculated. They are too anal to take chances. They may be receptive to new options if they have thoroughly explored them. Capricorns prefer to plan.
nlike Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw is a loner. They value their studies above their social life. They don’t keep a diary. Ravenclaw is the most eager to learn. This mansion craves knowledge. Despite their desire to succeed, they choose knowledge to power every day. But knowledge is power, thus Ravenclaw is murdering every day.
Ravenclaw prioritises tasks over people. People are sometimes perplexed by this since, no matter how quiet and concentrated they are, they are audible when thrilled. When a Ravenclaw discovers a new interest, they want to educate and explain it to anybody who will listen. They are contradictory, but so are the finest. They are profound thinkers.
“I believe a circle has no beginning.”
11. Aquarius
Aquarius is renowned for their solitude and “own world”. RAVENSCLAWS’ PERFECTION CAN LEAD THEM They may stop everything to make a point. Ravenclaws may get engrossed. But the inexperienced eye misses them. It’s amazing to see them shut out the rest of the world until they achieve their objective. Many people don’t get it, but they aren’t lost…they simply prefer exploring alone.
Distant Aquarius are known. They like seclusion and “soul searching”. They feel finest and most successful while working alone. They are proud of their freedom.
Aquarius is a quirky sign. They might be calm and controlled at times, yet their passion can blaze through the walls. Remember the quiet ones usually surprise us.It t’s not only the brilliant kids. Ravenclaws are odd, talented, and open-minded. Ravenclaws are persons who don’t blend in well with others. Ravenclaws are folks who aren’t scared to stand out.”

12. Pisces

Dream big, dodge reality. Escapism is a Pisces habitat. They prefer to aim high, which is excellent, but their aspirations might alter everyday. Gryffindor values emotion above logic. The boldest, but also the most logical… Norah no.
Pisces excel because they are passionate about their work. Like Gryffindor, their faith helps them succeed. Their aim must be sincere, otherwise they will rapidly lose interest. To get it, it must be worth it to them.
Pisces despises alone, which is why they belong to Gryffindor, a more gregarious house. Gryffindor loves their glory, but they know how to share it. Pisces may be excessively trusting, a Gryffindor flaw. Their idealism frequently overrides their reasoning. “The border between courage and folly is razor thin.” Risks come from the heart, not the brain.
“But if it matters to you, you may pick.”

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