Don’t Fall In Love With A Libra

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Don’t fall in love with a Libra because they are the hardest to get over. They are the love story you’ll compare to everyone else. The new standards you didn’t even know existed suddenly comes to life before your eyes.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra because they don’t pick fights, they are the type who want to work through everything. They are good at pretending things are fine because they don’t like causing problems. They are fixers and will fold to what you need before ever demanding anything of you.

Even when you hurt a Libra they won’t retaliate. They won’t speak badly of you. They just will try and move on the best they can wishing you the best.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra because they’ll respect you and care for you and always try and put a smile on your face if they can. They care more about other people’s happiness than their own.

They’ll be the text in the morning you get used to. They will be the conversation that makes you laugh out loud at your desk. They will be the best part of every day.

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Don’t fall in love with a Libra because they will always see the best in you. Even when you mess up and aren’t happy with the person you are in that moment, they will remind you of who you really are.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra because they will accept every side to who you are. Even the bad parts. They will come into your life when everyone else has left and they’ll sit with you through every storm. In time, you’ll realize you hope forever includes them and that scares the shit out of you.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra because once you realize you can trust each other their is this bond that is forever and you’ll lead your life not remembering what it was like without them.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra because they will make you better than you ever thought you could be. They will be every best memory you have, every loudest laugh, the company when you don’t want any and your number one supporter and fan.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra unless you are okay with letting them be the center of attention. Because every room they walk into all eyes will be on them. But they’ll take your hand and while everyone is watching them they are watching you counting their blessings.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra because they are yes people. They will always try and follow through and never want to let you down even if they have a hundred things going on, they’ll figure out how to be where you need them to be.
Don’t fall in love with a Libra because even before you realize you’re falling, the words I love you will roll off your tongue and it will terrify you. But their natural charm is what will get you.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra unless you are ready to be really protective of someone. They tend to see the best in everyone so they give way too many chances. And it’ll hurt you to see them get hurt by others being this type of person. You’ll see things they don’t in others and when you try and explain it they won’t understand. They like to believe everyone’s motives are kind and genuine like theirs are. They are taken for granted because of this, so you’ll have to be the strong one.

Don’t fall in love with a Libra because they will be your best most genuine love story, the one you look back at whether it worked out or not and you’ll be grateful to have even have had someone like that to love.

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