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The Fear of Rejection

Rejection is a fear that many of us face. We worry about being judged or rejected by the people we care about, and it can make us feel vulnerable and insecure. It can also lead to feelings of inferiority, making us feel like we don’t measure up to others. Unfortunately, this fear can cause us to push away those who are closest to us in an effort to protect ourselves from potential hurt or humiliation.

The Pain of Pushing Away

When we push away those who are important to us, it can be just as painful as being rejected by them. We may feel guilty for distancing ourselves from our loved ones and friends, but at the same time, we may not know how to bridge the gap that has been created between us. This can cause a great deal of inner turmoil and confusion which only serves to worsen our emotional state.

A Better Way

Rather than pushing people away when we are afraid of rejection, we should try to confront our fears head-on. By taking the risk and expressing our feelings honestly and openly, we can create an environment where communication is valued and respected. This will help foster stronger relationships with the people in our lives while also allowing us to be more vulnerable without feeling scared or ashamed.

Be Honest About Your Feelings

Being honest about how you’re feeling is essential when it comes to dealing with rejection or fear of rejection. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends or family members if you’re feeling scared or insecure – they will understand and support you in ways that you may not expect! Expressing yourself honestly will make it easier for them to relate to what you’re going through, which will help build trust between the two of you.

Take Small Steps Towards Reconnection

If you’ve been pushing someone away because of your fear of rejection, try taking small steps towards reconnecting with them again. Start off by sending them a text message or giving them a call – even if it’s just for a few minutes – so that they know you still care about them and want to stay connected. This simple gesture could mean more than you think!

Encourage Open Communication

When communicating with someone who has pushed you away due to their fear of rejection, encourage open communication by asking questions about how they’re doing and listening intently without judgement or criticism. Showing empathy towards their feelings will help create an atmosphere where honesty is encouraged and accepted without fear of being judged or rejected in return.


Fear of rejection can lead us down a dark path where we push away the people around us in order to protect ourselves from potential hurt or humiliation. However, this approach is not only ineffective but also damaging in the long run as it creates distance between ourselves and those whom we care about most deeply. Instead, we should take small steps towards reconnecting with others while encouraging open communication through empathy and understanding – this way we can build strong relationships while overcoming our fears at the same time!