Each Zodiac Sign’s Approach to Excitement

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You gush to anyone who would listen about your joy. You don’t give a damn if it sounds like you’re boasting.


You lose yourself in daydreams and struggle to stay focused throughout the day.


You start crying. You need to carry tissues with you everywhere since your emotions have gotten the best of you.


Because you want to keep it private, you send a message to a small circle of pals whom you trust to share your joy.


You update your social media statuses a million times a day, telling the world about your beautiful life.


To spend your energy, you go out and do something active, such as going for a run.


You photograph every moment so that you can always remember how delighted you were.


You have a drink to toast the occasion. Even if you’re celebrating alone, you crack open a bottle of champagne or wine.


You neglect to eat, sleep, and complete your responsibilities. You become swept up in your joy.


Your joy backfires, and you begin to believe that your circumstance is too good to be true.


You keep a journal to record your emotions so you can remember them forever.


You send a text message to everyone on your contact list to inform them of the news.

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