Each Zodiac Sign’s Reaction to Being Ghosted

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You pay them back by blocking them on all platforms. If they want to crawl back to you, they won’t be able to.


You went over every text you sent them again, looking for the point at when everything went wrong. You point the finger at yourself and assume you made a mistake.

You immediately return to the dating scene in quest of a new partner. You make every effort to forget about them as soon as possible.


You follow them around until you come up with a plausible reason. You won’t be able to relax until you get answers.

To make them jealous, you publish as many different thirst traps as possible. You know they’re still glancing at your stories even if they’ve stopped talking to you.


You recognise that they aren’t a nasty person and were most likely attempting to protect your feelings. It’s a drag, but life goes on.

You let yourself mope while listening to melancholy music. Even if you weren’t dating, it hurts to care about someone and then see them go away without saying anything.


You go to places you know this individual frequents in the hopes of bumping into them. You want to let them know what’s on your mind. You’re not going to let them treat you badly.


You make a joke about it. You recognise that this individual was definitely not meant for you, and there’s no reason to yearn for them to return.

You recall why you despise modern dating and decide to take a break. You’re perfectly content on your own, after all. As a result, you isolate yourself.


You become extremely self-conscious and begin to question everything you do. You have no idea how you got this individual to leave, thus you have no idea how to solve it.

You enlist the help of your buddies to conduct some research for you. You have them ask around to discover out why this guy just vanished without saying anything.

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