“Find Out If He’s Desperate or In Love – Astrology Reveals All!”

# Find Out If He’s Desperate or In Love – Astrology Reveals All!

Are you wondering whether the man in your life is genuinely in love with you or just desperately trying to win your affection? You may be searching for answers, but it can be hard to know what his true intentions are. But don’t worry; astrology can help you get to the bottom of this dilemma. By considering his zodiac sign, you can discover if he’s desperate or in love. Read on for a guide to figuring out if he’s truly devoted to you or just trying too hard.

## What His Zodiac Sign Says About His Feelings

Your guy’s zodiac sign can give you insight into his feelings towards you and provide clues as to whether he’s desperate or in love. Aries is passionate and determined, so when an Aries is in love they will go all-in and make their feelings known. On the other hand, Taurus tends to take things slow and prefers stability over any sort of dramatic gestures of affection. A Taurus who is truly smitten will show it through small but meaningful acts of kindness. Gemini loves adventure and excitement, so a Gemini in love will work hard to keep things fresh and interesting. Cancer is very sensitive and emotional, so if your Cancer man is head over heels it won’t take long before he expresses how much he cares for you. Leo loves being admired and appreciated, so pay special attention to how your Leo man responds when you show him that you value him. Virgo values practicality above all else, so if your Virgo crush is really into you then they’ll make sure that their actions reflect their commitment level. Libra craves romance and harmony, so a Libra man who has fallen for someone will make sure that everything runs smoothly between them. Scorpio has intense emotions and desires security from their partner, so if your Scorpio bae is madly in love with you then they’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that they have a strong bond with you. Sagittarius enjoys freedom but also wants a deep connection with someone; if they’re deeply invested then they’ll put effort into strengthening the relationship while still allowing each other space and independence. Capricorn loves structure and consistency; if your Capricorn man has strong feelings for someone then they’ll be sure to build a solid foundation together before taking things further. Aquarius values intellect above all else; if an Aquarius has found someone special then expect thoughtful conversations about shared interests as well as intellectual challenges from time to time! Finally, Pisces are dreamy romantics who yearn for emotional intimacy; when a Pisces falls head over heels for someone they’ll be sure to provide plenty of affectionate moments together!

## Signs He’s Desperate For Your Attention

Unfortunately not every guy who seems interested actually has genuine feelings towards us—some may just be desperate for our attention instead! To figure out whether someone is truly devoted or just looking for affirmation it helps to look out for certain behaviors such as: showering us with compliments even though we haven’t done anything special recently; constantly texting us even though we’ve made it clear that we don’t want them contacting us too often; sending gifts without warning; acting overly enthusiastic about spending time with us even though we’ve only been talking online or on the phone briefly; making grand romantic gestures without getting to know us first; always trying to one-up us or show off; talking about themselves way too much instead of asking questions about our lives; always saying yes even when we suggest something unreasonable or inconvenient…the list goes on! If any of these behaviors sound familiar then chances are the person isn’t actually in love—they’re probably just desperate for our attention instead!

## When In Doubt…Trust Your Gut
At the end of the day no matter what his zodiac sign says—trust your gut instinct above all else! Ultimately it’s up to us as individuals whether we choose trust somebody or not—astrology can provide some helpful hints but ultimately it’s up to us alone whether we decide somebody deserves our affections or not! So pay close attention to how he behaves around you—if something doesn’t feel quite right then trust yourself enough not ignore those red flags regardless of what his zodiac sign may say!