First Date Tips for Each Zodiac Sign

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An Aries is determined to dazzle you on a first date, especially if they initiated the date. They aren’t as interested with getting to know you straight immediately as they are with living in the moment and not letting any potential heaviness detract from a good time. If you want to impress them, don’t be afraid to participate in their fun banter or disagreements. Aries has strong opinions and loves to communicate them, even if the themes seem meaningless. They may be caught off guard, but in a positive manner, if you can demonstrate that you have your own and can confront them. Aries likes a mate that can keep up with them, so prove it to them.


Taurus signs aren’t the type to go all out when they’re interested in someone; instead, they’re subtle yet firm. A Taurus will want to get to know you on a first date and discover whether who you are matches who you appear to be. It doesn’t take a show-stopping, fast-paced date to wow them. Organizing a low-key date with them, such as a coffee shop or supper and a drink somewhere, will impress them, especially if you allow them choose the spot. Instead of attempting to force encounters, ask intelligent questions and allow them to react at their own pace. They’ll be impressed that you’ve taken the effort to learn about them and that you like having genuine interactions with them. Be open to answering their inquiries about yourself, but don’t go overboard in order to make them like you more–they can tell when you’re lying.


To impress a Gemini, show that you’ve done your homework by learning about their hobbies and interests in advance and asking them questions. They value it when someone genuinely values them and is interested in what they have to offer. Allow them to tell you about the things they are enthusiastic about when they are eager about new experiences. They also appreciate introducing someone to something they are passionate about or are somewhat of an expert in–so let them tell you about the things they are passionate about. You don’t have to let them do all the talking, though. They are inquisitive individuals that enjoy learning new things, and they will be captivated if you present them with fascinating topics to discuss.


The most important thing to remember when impressing a Cancer on a first date is to be thoughtful. They are more likely to respond based on their feelings and impressions of you, and given their intuitive and sensitive nature, even minor errors can have a significant impact on the evening. They’re looking for genuineness, not someone who goes out of their way to impress or show off. Keeping things simple, such as preparing them a favourite dinner at home or taking them to a favourite restaurant, demonstrates that you care about their comfort and feelings, and will leave a lasting effect on them.


It’s not easy to wow a Leo on a first date, but it’s not impossible either. Leos want you to be on their level so they can have the best fun possible. Dress to impress, match their excitement, and don’t be hesitant to inquire about and be interested in their accomplishments. They are wary of excessive flattery, and they are unlikely to spill their emotions out to you immediately away. They’re looking to see if this may be a mutually beneficial arrangement, so give it your all.


Prepare yourself. Virgos are meticulous planners who are convinced that the devil is in the details. Determine their passions and tailor the date to them, paying attention to every aspect. Book the tickets, arrange transportation, and have a backup plan in case something unexpected happens. Allow them to realise that you’re a capable individual who can look after both yourself and them (though it’s unlikely they’ll ever let you do so if you wind up in a relationship).


Don’t be hesitant to use all of your resources. Libras don’t need to be the centre of attention or have an evening filled with grand gestures, but they do want to feel unique and appreciated. Trying to downplay your interest will backfire since the way you dress, where you take them, and how much effort you put into talks will all indicate how you feel about them. Take them if you know of an interesting event, an exclusive party, or a hidden treasure they haven’t heard of–they want to know you’re not just going through the motions.


It takes a lot of patience to impress a Scorpio on a first date. Scorpios are aware of their zodiac sign’s connection, and they can tell if you’re trying to rush things so you can get into bed with them. Respect their privacy as they may not want to discuss much about themselves. Take your time and have meaningful talks with them, demonstrating that you care about them rather than what you can obtain from them.


Sagittarius signs want you to be yourself, and if you try to be someone else, they will notice. Demonstrate your ability to go with the flow in situations to impress a Sagittarius–don’t let a change in plans wreck the entire evening. Be open and honest with them, and don’t be afraid to engage in lively debates–they want to see if you can appreciate their independence while also matching their wit.


If you want to impress a Capricorn on a first date, show them you’ve got your act together–but do so gently. People who work hard, don’t play games, and aren’t frightened of rigidity are valued by Capricorns. Provide date suggestions, but let them make the final decision. Offer to pay for everything you do, however they’ll probably divide the bill. They don’t like people who brag about themselves, so be cautious.


Only one thing is required to impress an Aquarius on a first date: uniqueness. You don’t have to choose the most bizarre or odd date for them to have a good time, but if you suggest the same old dinner and movie routine, it better be an unknown restaurant and a fascinating underappreciated film. The most important thing for Aquarius is to get to know you and see what makes you unique, so embrace those aspects of yourself–even if they make you feel strange–they will appreciate the effort.


You must accept your vulnerable side to impress a Pisces. They don’t want to waste time with someone who isn’t sincere, so they prefer to get right to the heart of the matter. It’s fine if you don’t feel comfortable expressing your sentiments so quickly–just let them know up front. Even if you don’t pour your guts straight away, they will appreciate the modest act of vulnerability it takes you to speak with them. Don’t hold back if you’re more of an open book. They aren’t subtle, and they will be eager to share your emotional depths with you.

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