Flirting Over Text When Shy: How Each Zodiac Sign Do It

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It is because they do not want the conversation to come to a close that they double text while it is dragging on.

They respond with a slew of laughing emojis and behave as if everything you say is amusing to them.

They liberally sprinkle heart emoticons throughout their communications to convey their emotions.

As an alternative to sending SMS messages, they add you on social media and like all of your postings.

Because you recommended it, they text you to talk about the shows they’re now viewing.

In lieu of adding selfies to their stories in the hopes that you would see them, they give you selfies directly.

It’s as if they can’t wait to chat to you, so they send the initial message to you every single day.

They shower you with praises on your appearance, your charisma, and your entire style.

A million questions about your day are asked of you, and they seem to genuinely care about your well-being.

They send you Tiktoks and memes with the hopes of making you laugh aloud.

In order to pass them off as jokes, they make provocative, flirting remarks about you, which you find offensive.

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