From the Virgo to the Pisces

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You’re riding a wave of feeling. I’m well aware of your proclivity to wander aimlessly until you regain your footing.

You’re in your own little world, Pisces. It’s difficult for a Virgo like me to sit back and observe. I simply want to join you in the water.

Pisces, I’m aware of you.

When you’re at your weakest, you hide.
You tend to isolate yourself when you are sensitive, apprehensive, or depressed. Please don’t close the door behind me. I simply want to assist because it is something I enjoy doing. I’m content when you’re content.

I’m aware that you’re prone to self-destructive behavior when you’re upset. Please don’t fall for it. I get that you need some alone time, but don’t close yourself off from the rest of the world because you’re frightened of conflict.

Pisces, I’m aware of you.
You’re putting me to the test.

You tend to get carried away in conversation when talking about something you’re enthusiastic about or sensitive about. It can be uncomfortable at times. It’s charming at times.

You’ve only served to make me more cautious about what I say and do in reaction to you. You’ve piqued my interest, and I’m interested in learning more. You inspire me to strive for greater heights. Conversations with you are something I enjoy doing.

Pisces, I’m aware of you.

When you want to be, I know how affectionate you are.

I’m well aware of the depths of your love.

Your elderly spirit is familiar to me.

I’m aware that you enjoy meaningful objects.


But there’s one thing I’m undecided about: should I stay or should I leave? Should I go with you if you’re going to sink or swim?

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