How the rest of the world overlooks each zodiac sign

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Everyone thinks you’re cold and callous. They don’t realise how far you’ll go to protect those you care about.

2. Taurus

Everybody thinks you’re a kid. They don’t realise how mature and responsible you are when the situation calls for it.

3. Gemini

Everybody thinks you’re a wuss. They undervalue your knowledge and wisdom.

4. Cancer

Everybody thinks you’re a softie. They underestimate your power when you’re passionate about something.

5. Leo

Everyone thinks you’re a self-centered jerk. They don’t realise how far you’ll go for family and friends.

6. Virgo

You’re assumed to be a loner by everyone. They undervalue your ability to adjust to social situations and your ability to get along with people.

7. Libra

Everyone thinks you’re a moody individual. They don’t realise how important decision-making is to you.

8. Scorpio

Everyone thinks you’re a witty individual. They underestimate your ability to take yourself seriously when the situation calls for it.

9. Sagittarius

Everyone thinks you’re a heartless person. They undervalue your ability to empathise with those around you.

10. Capricorn

Everyone thinks you’re a thorn in their side. They don’t realise how nice and entertaining you can be once you’ve gotten to know them.

11. Aquarius

You’re assumed to be a slacker by everyone. They don’t realise how committed and industrious you are.

12. Pisces

Everyone thinks you’re a diva with a flair for the dramatic. They don’t realise how composed and composed you are in most situations.

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