How Would Each Zodiac Sign Perform in “The Circle”?

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You’d start forming friendships and forming alliances right away. You’d always pump up the other players, ready to give them a pep talk whenever they needed it. Your competitive personality would make it difficult to make friends, but you’d figure out a way to win them over. You wouldn’t have a detailed game plan, but would argue that your goal is to “win the whole thing.”

Why You Were Blocked: You were a touch too aggressive for some of the other players, who mistook you for a threat.


You’d first keep a low profile and take your time getting to know the other players, only forming alliances with select individuals. You’d keep your cool and concentrate on yourself during the game, but you’d always stick by your buddies. If anybody starts generating drama or attacks one of your connections, you’ll defend them–and if one of your friends gets blocked, you’ll go out of your way to find out who sent them home.

Why You Were Blocked: Either you won the game by keeping under the radar and staying ahead of the game, or you allowed your stubbornness get the best of you and turned people against you.


By the first day, you’ve chatted with every single gamer. To try to build connections, you commit all of the information you’ve learnt from the other players’ bios to memory. You get along with almost everyone, yet you’re not hesitant to do whatever it takes to get ahead. You’d probably catfish just to see if you could get away with it.

Why You Were Blocked: You were on your way to the last round when someone accused you of being a catfish and voted you out.


You enter the game hoping to earn enough money to support yourself and your family, but once you’re in, you understand what you’ve gotten yourself into. You sincerely care about everyone and find it difficult to block players, so you strive to remain neutral. When you’re irritated, you’ll be passive-aggressive in the discussions, but the others won’t notice because you only strike at those who attack you first.

Why You Were Blocked: Despite your best efforts, you didn’t create enough of an impression on enough individuals.


Everyone either likes you or despises you; there is no between ground. You’re the one in command of the group talks, and you don’t try to hide your huge personality. You’re well aware that you can be off-putting to some players, but you came to win, and you have no doubts that you will. Because you’re motivated to stay ahead of the game–if you don’t win, you’ll probably come close–the other players will likely strive to stay on your good side.

Why You Were Blocked: Either you won the whole thing or you made too much fuss and they grew weary of it.


Before the game had started, you had already devised a strategy. Given your meticulous attention to detail, you could catfish if you wanted, but even if you go in as yourself, everything will go according to plan. Despite the fact that you don’t trust anyone, you create alliances with them all. You’re almost halfway through the game when something unexpected occurs, and your strategy begins to fall apart.

Why You Were Blocked: Your plan ran into a few snags, and you weren’t able to recover–you were stuck before you could devise a new approach.


Because you’re friends with every single player, you’re definitely an influencer the majority of the time. To stay in everyone’s good graces, you know all the tea, but you rarely spill it. You’re probably suspected of being a catfish about halfway through the game since you seem too sweet.

Why You Were Blocked: You were most likely blocked because you sought to remain neutral, making you an easier target to eliminate.


You don’t trust anyone–period–but no one else needs to know. You create alliances, but you remain cautious throughout the game, expecting someone to betray you. You may easily identify who is being dishonest and make them your personal target, gently letting everyone else know your feelings without explicitly addressing them. The other participants are intrigued to your mystery, but they can’t help but suspect you of being dishonest because you don’t like to talk about yourself.

Why Were You Blocked? Everyone was sceptical of you since you refused to answer any questions about yourself, but they didn’t realise that’s how you are in general.


You try not to take the game too seriously, but you do occasionally stir the pot to see what happens. Everyone likes you in general, but your laid-back demeanour will only get you so far in this game.

Why You Were Blocked: You’ll either make it to the end because no one perceived you as a threat, or you’ll be blocked early because you were too laid-back.


You’re completely focused on winning the big prize, but you’re having trouble sustaining friendships. Your alliance will go a long way if you can discover some people that are similar to you, but you’re rather judgmental of everyone else, so it’s a bit of a toss-up. You have a good plan and follow the rules, and everyone is probably underestimating you for the majority of the game. However, because you are a person of your word, you tend to stick around the most of the time because others know where they stand with you.

Why You Were Blocked: You were blocked because you were too focused on the reward to develop sufficiently close connections–you were blocked because you didn’t put enough effort into strengthening your friendships.


Everyone thinks you’re a catfish because you’re a little odd. You make an effort to build friendships, and the ones you do form are solid, but you manage to keep a low profile. You have a unique method, but you also have the tendency to believe that everyone likes you despite not knowing you very well. The only way you have a chance is if your allies come through for you.

Why You Were Blocked: Your alliances were voted off before you, and you felt like the logical next step.


Because you can’t decide what the ideal plan is, you switch alliances every week. With your instincts, you can spot the catfish early on, but you don’t get rid of them right away. You’re constantly there for the other players, which helps you to advance numerous rounds, but if there’s a clear division between two people, you find it difficult to choose a side and wind up being a Target. Everyone likes you, but they can’t tell if your free-spirited personality is endearing or suspicious.

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