Most Untruthful Facts About Each Zodiac Sign

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You say you’re alright when you’re not. Even while you’re dying inside, you act as if everything is well.

You make excuses for not being able to attend parties and professional gatherings. You invent excuses to stay at home alone.

You make up stories about your past. You don’t want others to judge you for things you did when you were young and inexperienced.

You exaggerate when you say you adore haircuts and clothing. To protect the feelings of your friends and family, you bend the truth.

You make up stories about your crushes. Because you don’t want to get injured, you hold your cards close to your chest.

You exaggerate your past experiences. To go ahead, you pretend to know a lot more than you actually do.

You exaggerate when it comes to your mental wellness. Instead of acknowledging to deeper issues, you act as if you merely have a headache or stomachache.

You exaggerate your self-assurance. When you’re privately sensitive, you act as though nothing affects you.

You make up stories about your weekends. No one is concerned about you because you act as if you had more fun than you actually did.

You exaggerate your timetable. To get out of hangout sessions, you pretend to be swamped with work.

You make false statements regarding your financial status. You put on a happy face so that no one is concerned about you or pities you.

You make up stories about your romantic life. You appear to be cheerful in order to avoid receiving unwanted advise.

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