Relationship Communication Styles According to Your Zodiac Sign

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You have a reputation for being brutally honest, but you keep your deepest sentiments hidden. This can make individuals you date believe you don’t care as much as you do.

You’re not a shy person. You dive into your emotions to the point of exhaustion. You never keep your emotions in check, whether it’s anger or tears. You should, however, listen more than you speak at times. Because you’re concentrating on your own feelings, you don’t allow the other person to express theirs.

Even if it’s unintentional, you transmit mixed messages. Because you don’t know yourself, you can’t tell your lover how you actually feel. Every hour, your emotions shift. It can make you appear to be a liar when the truth is that you just don’t know what you’re saying.

You wish your significant other had the ability to read other people’s minds. You don’t want to say what’s bothering you. You have the impression that they should be aware. Unfortunately, because you strive so hard to avoid confrontations by keeping your emotions hidden, your partner has no idea what’s wrong. That indicates they’ll keep up their poor habits.

Because you know exactly what you want and how you want others to treat you, you’re great at expressing your emotions. Because you get straight to the point, there’s no room for misunderstanding in your relationships.

Because you don’t want to be overly emotional, you have difficulty expressing your sentiments. You’re a person who prefers to keep things simple. However, when your feelings are unreasonable, it might be difficult to communicate how someone has wounded you, so you keep it to yourself.

You’ve got a great way with words. You’re a tad manipulative as well. When someone offends you, you will not only inform them of their error, but you will also persuade them to apologise. You’ll make them regret injuring you.

You want to bring joy to everyone you come into contact with. Because you don’t want to ruin the mood, you keep your issues to yourself. People won’t be able to tell if you’re upset since you’re making a joke.

You’re honest and straightforward. You will admit it if you are furious, irritated, or horny. And you anticipate the same from your partner. The relationship will not succeed if they try to dance around their feelings.

You don’t like showing your vulnerability, so you act cold. When someone hurts your feelings, you never express it. You’d rather cut them out without explaining why than acknowledge you’re annoyed with them. And you lose a lot of good people as a result of this.

You’ll ask a lot of questions to try to understand the problem from the perspective of the other person. Before you can forgive them, you must first understand why they did what they did.

You’re exaggerating with your dramatics. People can’t tell if you’re really unhappy with them or if you’ll forget about it in five minutes since you exaggerate your emotions. They don’t know how to console you since they don’t know how hurt your feelings were.

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