Sun in Aquarius imaginative, progressive, and self-aware

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The Sun’s entry into Aquarius, an intellectually active and sociable sign, signals the beginning of a new cycle of re-entry and re-connection with the outside world.

Because Aquarius is an intellectual sign that values creativity and individuality, you are free to follow your own path while under the influence of the Aquarius Sun!

However, as much as the Water-bearer values individuality, this sign is also acutely aware of humanity as a whole, and is a staunch advocate for the rights of all individuals. The Sun’s transit into revolutionary Aquarius provides an opportunity to take a step back from our own identities and recognise that every living creature on the planet is valuable and intertwined with everything else.

When the Sun is in the sign of Aquarius,
While the Sun is in the idealistic sign of Aquarius, it is up to you to initiate change! Here’s a list of all the ways you can benefit from this potent transit:

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Become a volunteer. Aquarius is the humanitarian of the zodiac, deeply concerned with the lives and circumstances of others. Aquarius is the sign of the ram. Spending time volunteering for a cause that is important to you will allow you to contribute to the greater good.

WHAT TO SAY: “You are important.” Aquarius is a champion of equality for all, but also recognising and appreciating the unique characteristics of each individual. Instead of seeing everyone as a faceless mass, take the time to notice the individual characteristics of everyone in your immediate vicinity, and recognise that each person has something valuable to offer the world.

WHERE SHOULD YOU GO: Book club Water bearer Aquarius is a group and friendship-oriented sign who enjoys getting together with like-minded individuals and exchanging new ideas. Joining any group or organisation will assist you in broadening your social circle, as well as your knowledge and understanding of the world.

WHAT TO WEAR: Hair colouring will be worn. Aquarius is a unique and rebellious sign that is all about expressing their individuality. In the midst of Aquarius season, bright hair colours, extensions, or a new, edgy style can help you express your originality and stand out among the masses.

WHAT TO PURCHASE: Make a donation. Aquarius is the most socially conscious of the zodiac signs, and their money is well spent on charitable projects that are important to them. While the Sun is in Aquarius, set yourself aside and donate whatever you can to a homeless shelter, animal rescue organisation, climate conservation initiative, or any other cause that will benefit the maximum number of people.

WHAT TO BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR: Being a shrewd businessperson! Aquarians, as a mental sign, can amass an incredible amount of knowledge, to the point where they appear to be know-it-alls. While the Sun is in Aquarius, everyone is full of wonderful ideas and perspectives, so be sure to pay attention to what others have to say as well!

Making new acquaintances is something to look forward to. Those born under the sign of Aquarius are very social and prefer to be part of teams and groups where they can spend time with people who share their interests. Increase your social circle by taking advantage of the Aquarian influx of energy.

If your Sun was in the sign of Aquarius when you were born,
Your eccentric and opinionated nature makes it tough to ignore your presence! You aren’t scared to defy the rules if you were born with your Sun in Aquarius. You are a creative individual who is constantly looking for new and better methods to enhance yourself and the people around you. You are motivated by the need to be able to do things your own way, and you frequently surprise others with your unpredictable behaviour.

Aquarius is regarded as the Water-bearer, although it is actually a sign of the zodiac that represents the element of air. Air signs are all about intellect, which means you’re more likely to act with your head rather than your heart when under their influence. It is via this sense of detachment that you may direct all of your goals toward what is real, true, and what will best serve you and those around you in the future.

With a reputation for being a little remote or aloof, you may not be the kind to engage in wild and passionate affairs with your partner. You require your own personal space and freedom, and you should avoid getting yourself into sticky emotional situations that require you to divulge your own feelings, worries, and weaknesses. It is instead with lovers who share your beliefs, thoughts, and values that you find the most profound connection.

You have exceptionally high expectations of yourself, as well as of anyone who aspires to hold a special place in your heart and life. It can be difficult for others to come up to your high standards of performance. Nevertheless, when you meet someone who is just as determined and aware of the world as you are, you know that your search has been successful and you have found your soul mate.

CAREER: Aquarius is a visionary who is able to see everything that is conceivable in the future and to put it into motion in the here and now. Your mind is always producing creative ideas, which allows you to perform very well in brainstorming and collaborative situations. Whenever your effort is a part of something larger, it is at its most effective.

Jobs in conservation, social services, or legislation are ideal for you because you have such a strong humanitarian component to your personality. Whatever you do, it is critical to you that you are passionate about what you are doing; otherwise, it is simply not worth your time.

FRIENDSHIP: According to astrological principles, your sign actually regulates friendship. Nonetheless, you prefer to keep pals in the “acquaintance zone,” which allows you to take pleasure in all of the social interaction without having to cope with any profound emotions. In comparison to one-on-one friendships, group dynamics are much more comfortable for you since you get to connect with the most people and because you have many opportunities to escape out of a conversation or engagement that is a bit too near for your comfort.

WHAT SETES YOU APART: Everything you do is exceptional. It’s no secret that your sign is the oddball of the zodiac, forcing everyone around you to step outside their comfort zones and ponder and look at things in ways they’ve never done before.

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