Sun In Pisces

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Sun in Pisces:

Caring, emotional, and imaginative

On February 18, 2021, the Sun enters Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, indicating the end of one cycle before the start of a new one at the Spring Equinox. And what do we do when something comes to an end and we have to start over? Take a deep breath! As a result, the Sun in Pisces is regarded as a time to mend and re-energize before beginning anew.

The Pisces Sun makes it much easier for us to trust our instincts and listen to our intuition. It’s time to daydream, rest, and surrender to something bigger than ourselves. During this fanciful, daydream-filled moment, our escapist tendencies might easily get the best of us.

Discover what we might expect when the Sun enters the watery sign of Pisces…

When the Sun enters dreamy Pisces, we’ll all take a spiritual walk together! During this travel, reveal the ideal places to explore and wonder:

WHAT TO DO: Look after someone! Because Pisces is the most sympathetic and caring zodiac sign, they shine brightest when they help others. Adopt this wonderful Pisces trait and put it to good use by assisting someone.

WHAT TO SAY: I’d like to say something poetic. Because the dreamy Fishes are artistic and creative, now is the greatest moment to channel your inner Pisces and write or speak something lovely to someone you care about.

WHERE SHOULD I GO: TO BED! Pisces has a bad reputation for being lethargic, yet all they need is a comfortable place to lie down, close their eyes, and daydream. Give yourself permission to take a beautiful little snooze if your mind wanders while the Sun is in Pisces.

WHAT TO WEAR: It makes no difference! It’s not about what we wear in life, but rather who we are. Of course, that’s the normal Pisces viewpoint. If you’re tired of dressed for success, the Pisces Sun is a wonderful time to put on some sweatpants and put fashion aside.

WHAT TO GET: Anything that helps you connect with your spiritual side. While the Sun is in Pisces, it’s easier to connect into your intuition, so stock up on New Age healing crystals, incense, candles, and Tarot cards, which are all Pisces’ favourites.

WHAT TO BEWARE OF: Escapism. Pisces is a highly sensitive, sympathetic, and imaginative sign that might withdraw if they feel too much or become lost in daydreams. While the Sun is in Pisces, try to stay grounded (at least a little).

WHAT TO EXPECT: REHABILITATION! You’ll feel rejuvenated and reconnected to your spiritual self by the time the Sun leaves Pisces.

As a Water sign, you are frequently swept up in a whirlpool of emotions. In the Water world, instincts and impulses are more powerful than logic and planning. You have a reputation for being a daydreamer, someone who can lose themselves in a fantasy world. This is how you run away from life when it becomes too much for you and your emotions get out of hand.

As an empath, you can easily absorb the sensations and emotions of those around you, which is why Pisces is known as the “psychic sponge.” When you sense something is wrong, Pisces is always there to help. Learning when to help others and when to let others help themselves can be difficult for people born under the sign of Pisces.

Love: Oh, Pisces, you just like being in love! You are a real romantic who desires the romance that comes with discovering your soul mate, and you are ruled by Neptune, the planet of fantasy. You don’t mind allowing yourself to get completely swept up by your love if you’ve found someone with whom you can spiritually link.

You are gentle and nurturing, and you adore your partners unconditionally. You use your perceptual abilities to anticipate your partner’s every need and need, frequently prioritising their needs before your own.

Career: You’re a naturally creative person who thrives in unstructured surroundings; 9-to-5 jobs aren’t for you! You flourish in tasks that excite you, and luckily, inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes. You’ll excel in music, painting, dance, and theatre, among other things. You might even decide to pursue a job as a healer, a profession in which your compassionate heart alleviates the suffering of others.

Friendship: It’s clear why Pisces is such a popular sign! You have a remarkable ability for making people feel at ease around you since you are friendly and easygoing. Plus, because of your adaptability, you can easily fit into any social circle.

Your friends would undoubtedly characterise you as one of the most generous individuals they know; if someone asked you to, you’d give them the clothes from your back. Your charity can lead to you being taken advantage of, so only give to people who truly deserve it.

What distinguishes you: Your compassion is boundless! It’s difficult not to care about someone else’s pain when you’re experiencing it yourself. Create a quiet area for yourself so you can feel your own feelings rather than those of others.

Pisces Sun Characteristics: Sensitive Intuitive
Compassionate,Selfless,Gentle,Romantic,Spiritual,Introverted ,Artistic

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