The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Alone On Valentine’s Day

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1. Aries
Aquarius is lost in their own world, probably forgetting Valentine’s Day exists. Aquarians value their uniqueness and despise any type of conformity. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aquarius, even in a committed relationship, elected to avoid the Hallmark holiday. “Why do we need this one day to prove we love one other?” Aquarius would ask.

Aquarius also avoids emotional expression. This unfettered soul despises being chained. Commitment and “Valentine’s Day” can make Aquarius fly.

Capricorn has a loyal mate (and knowing reliable Cap, they do). Capricorns are reliable, yet they are also diligent. I wouldn’t be surprised if workaholic Cap wants to postpone their Valentine’s Day date.

Capricorn is highly focused. Their main concern is success, not love. Rather than composing her a love poem, Capricorn will be thrilled if you picked up their dry cleaning or ran errands for them.

3. Aries
Aries is the fiery sign who chooses to go out on Valentine’s Day. Aries is all about frolic. Aries is a powerful sign that dislikes confusion. To avoid any “What are we?” queries in their relationship, Aries resolves to make the most of this night. Aries are highly industrious and dislike being slowed down.

Aries is alone by choice. Aries is not afraid. Aries are self-assured and will not accept second best. They don’t need anyone else. Aries will eagerly face the challenge of going out alone on Valentine’s Day to pick up someone.

4. Virgo
Like Capricorn, Virgo puts work above personal life. Virgo is a little more insecure than the other signs. Virgos make up for a lack of affection with their achievements.

Virgo is all about quality. They simply want what is worthy. Anything less is a waste of their time. Virgos value solid bonds and friendships. Sociable Virgos are rare. They prefer a few close pals over a million acquaintances.

Virgos despise rejection. Love can be avoided due to their meticulous character. They overthink and overreact. Not many Virgos take risks. They are proud and weak, but they hide it well. Deconstructing those nicely constructed walls requires Virgo time and effort.

5. Gemini
Gemini is always a gambler. However, Gemini can be in love and planning a romantic Valentine’s Day evening for weeks. A last-minute boy’s vacation to Vegas… that he insisted he “told you about” Geminis are the twin sign, and you never know which one you’ll get. The tough aspect is that Geminis don’t know either.

Your love was magical one day and then vanished. Geminis are artistic and romantic. Geminis will paint, write, and sing for you. Geminis utilise their gifts as foreplay, but they truly want to brag.

Their blazing gaze and “I am a sensitive guy” plea will win you over. Not to be insensitive, but Geminis are incredibly gregarious and do the same move on everyone. You are only Gemini’s flavour of the month. Geminis grow bored easily and move on swiftly.

As unpredictable as Gemini is, one thing is certain: they despise alone. Even if Gemini doesn’t have a date planned, they’ll be out with friends seeking for their next victim.

6. Pisces
Pisces is a romantic sign. Aquarius’ love is deep. Their depth won’t accept shallow love. Artistic and intuitive Pisces They enjoy being alone. (They love it—Pisces crave solitude.) Pisces, like Virgo, values quality over quantity. Pisces would rather be alone with their creative thoughts than with a dull spouse.

Pisces have a strong desire for adventure and tend to flee reality whenever possible. Pisces has a soul. They value self-love and wellness.

Pisces are noted for being manipulative and remaining in unhealthy relationships. They are a force to be reckoned with once their rose-tinted glasses come off. Pisces is the zodiac’s deepest sign. A holiday created up by Hallmark, Valentine’s Day, is not for them.

7. Scorpion
Scorpios value truth above all others. While they value honesty above all else, they are a secret keeper. Scorpios are cautious and sensitive. They don’t enjoy sharing personal details. Scorpios are analytical. They can easily mix up vulnerability and fragility.

Scorpios are choosy. Scorpios, like their partners, strive for excellence. While Scorpio is a distrustful and jealous sign, they are also the zodiac’s most sensuous sign. Scorpios are fascinating creatures that make you desire to crack their code.

Scorpios are intense, and their passion is not transitory. Scorpio prefers long-term relationships to flings. You have a Scorpio’s heart for life if you win it. This Valentine’s Day, Scorpio may be with their longtime love or still searching for Mr. Right.

8. Sagittarius
On Valentine’s Day, Sag probably has three dates planned. They are the king of overbooking. Sagittarius is an idealistic sign. Sags experience FOMO often. They’ll always say yes three times more than no.

Sagittarians are passionate about life. Sagittarius is the “go-getter”… Surprisingly, they succeed (in not the typical, annoying, people-pleasing way). Sags are not false yes men.

Sagittarius is always ready to make the most of any situation. Carefree and easygoing. It may be a quiet night in or a wild night out. Sagittarius is your valentine.

9. Taurus
Taurus is full of love. Taurus is a reliable and loyal sign. While Taurus is very helpful, they are not always wise. There’s a reason they’re so unlucky Taurus’ affection can be seen as clingy.

Taurus is passionate about love yet can be possessive. Taurus is the stubborn bull sign. Their tenacity can backfire. Taurus’ “never give up” dedication wins their adoration. Coupled with Taurus’ demanding nature, their love fades.

Taurus is unapologetically romantic. Taurus will probably treat their Valentine or try to win someone over.

10. Leo
No one can ever win prideful Leo’s heart. Leo is a confident sign. This sign truly desires to be a princess. If you don’t make dinner reservations, don’t disturb Leo’s DMs. Leo wants royal treatment every day, even Valentine’s Day.

Leaders by nature, Leos. They are the group’s hostess. If Leo is single for Valentine’s Day, expect them to host the Galentine’s Day party. Leos are not insecure, but they need attention.

Be prepared to see Leo out on a Bumble date or spending the night with their ex. Leos aren’t doing this because they’re lonely; they’re probably bored and want attention. This materialistic Hallmark holiday was invented for Leos.

11. Cancer
Cancer is the most delicate indicator. Cancers are creative. They prefer illusion to reality. Cancers are romantic. They can elevate your love, but once harmed, they are lost. Cancers, like Pisces and Scorpio, are emotional water signs. Water signs are picky about their friends.

Cancers crave praise. They grow moody when their actions go unnoticed. After all, cancer is a crab sign. Caution is advised when dealing with Cancers. Cancers are more warmer than Scorpios. Cancer is a loveable creature.

Cancer is the housewife’s sign. Their love is their home. They enjoy being needed and doing chores. On Valentine’s Day, Cancer is most likely cooking an unique cooked dish for their loved one.

12. Libra
Libra is Venus’s sign and governs marriage. Libra is a gregarious sign, yet they are also quite loyal. Libra is fair and just. Libra is the scale and balance symbol. Libra sees both sides and tends to select all sides.

Libras are the most indecisive signs. They adore practically everything and can hardly decide what to eat for lunch, never alone who to date.

Libra is the zodiac’s flirt. So they’re very chatty and can talk their way out of any But their wit generally gets them into trouble. Libras are known for making others feel special. In reality, Libras’ flirting is probably pointless. “Oops… I Did It Again” would be Libra’s ringtone. Libras tend to lead. Libras despise conflict, thus this cycle can go on for a while.

Libras adore the limelight. Valentine’s Day is a day to be desired. You can envision Libra finding a last-minute date or a handsome caller.

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