“Unbelievable Dating Tips from 1958 That Will Help You Catch Your Dream Husband!”

Dating: Then and Now

The dating world has come a long way since the 1950s. Back then, it was all about finding a husband to settle down with, while today, people are more focused on exploring their options and taking their time to find the right partner. But no matter how much things have changed, there are still some timeless tips that can help you find your dream husband.

Unbelievable Dating Tips from 1958

In 1958, a book by Helen Andelin called Fascinating Womanhood hit the shelves. It offered an array of advice on how to attract and keep a man, including these unbelievable dating tips:

Be Feminine

Andelin stressed the importance of being feminine in order to capture the attention of men. She advised women to dress in skirts and dresses instead of trousers as they were more “feminine” and attractive. Additionally, she suggested avoiding physical activities such as sports or outdoor activities that were considered “masculine” at the time.

Show Respect for Men

Andelin also recommended showing respect for men in order to gain their admiration. This included avoiding arguments or debates with them as it was seen as disrespectful. Instead, she suggested expressing admiration for their opinions and decisions in order to make them feel appreciated and valued.

Be Complimentary

Another tip Andelin gave was to be complimentary towards men when conversing with them. She suggested commenting positively on their clothes and appearance as well as offering compliments about their accomplishments or achievements. This would make them feel admired and appreciated which could lead to increased attraction between both parties.

Be Appreciative

Andelin also advised women to be appreciative of any gifts or gestures that men made towards them in order to show gratitude and increase attraction between both parties. She emphasized the importance of expressing thanks for even small acts such as opening doors or helping with household chores in order to show appreciation for those efforts.

Takeaways From 1958 Dating Tips

While some of these tips may seem outdated now, there are still some valuable takeaways from Andelin’s advice that can help you find your dream husband today: Be yourself – don’t try too hard to fit into gender roles; Show respect for your date; Compliment him regularly; Be appreciative of his efforts; Have fun! Ultimately, by taking these tips into consideration while dating you will be able to find someone who truly loves you for who you are – not just what society expects from you!