“Unlock the 8 Secret Signs That Show He’s Absolutely Smitten With You!”

1. He Always Finds An Excuse To Touch You

When a man is smitten with you he will find any excuse to touch you. He may brush your arm as he passes by, hold your hand when crossing the street, or give you a hug hello – even if it’s just a friendly one.

His physical contact goes beyond the boundaries of platonic friendship and hints at something more. If you notice that he’s always finding an excuse to touch you, then it’s highly likely that he has feelings for you.

2. His Friends Know All About You

If his friends know all about you before they have even met you, it’s a sure sign that he talks about you often and is proud to tell them all about the amazing person he has been spending time with.

He may also bring up inside jokes between the two of you in conversation with his friends and family, showing that not only does he talk about you – but his feelings for you are genuine enough to be shared with those closest to him.

3. He Gives You His Undivided Attention

A guy who is smitten with you will always give you their undivided attention when they are around – no matter how busy or distracted they are feeling in general. They will be genuinely interested in what you have to say and take time out of their day to listen and engage in meaningful conversations with you.

He may also make an effort to remember small details from past conversations or ask thoughtful questions about your life – this shows that he genuinely cares for your well-being and wants to get closer to understanding who you are as a person.

4. He Compliments You Constantly

A man who likes a woman will want her to feel confident and beautiful in his presence – so compliments are often used as a way of expressing admiration for her beauty and personality without having to come right out and say it directly! If he finds himself complimenting your appearance on a regular basis (or even better, going out of his way to do so), then chances are that there’s something special brewing between the two of you!

5. He Goes Out Of His Way To Spend Time With You

A man who is utterly smitten with someone won’t think twice about going out of his way just to spend time with them – whether this means rearranging work commitments or driving long distances just for one date night together! This kind of effort speaks volumes; if he is willing enough to put aside other important matters just so that he can see more of the object of his affection then it could mean only one thing: love!

6. He Gets Jealous When Others Show Interest In You

Jealousy can often be seen as an unattractive trait but when it comes from someone who cares deeply for another person, it can actually be quite endearing! If your man gets jealous when other guys show interest in you (even if they don’t have any real intentions) then this could be indicative of deep-seeded romantic feelings towards yourself – which is definitely something worth celebrating!

7. He Wants To Make Plans For The Future With You

When someone makes plans for the future with another person, this implies a certain level of commitment from both parties involved – which means that if your man wants nothing more than making plans with YOU specifically, then chances are good that there’s something serious developing between the two of