“Unlock the Secret: 12 Surefire Signs He Likes You Through Texting!”

The Art of Texting: Unlocking the Secret to His Feelings

Texting can be an incredibly helpful tool when it comes to deciphering a guy’s feelings and intentions. While it may seem like a daunting task, there are some surefire signs that can help you determine whether or not he likes you. Here are 12 signs that will help you unlock the secret of his true feelings towards you!

1. He Initiates the Conversation

If a guy is interested in getting to know you, he will likely take the initiative and start up conversations with you. If he initiates conversations regularly, then it’s a good sign that he likes you and wants to get to know you better.

2. He Replies Quickly

When someone likes another person, they tend to be more responsive and reply quickly. If he responds quickly when you message him, then chances are he likes talking to you and enjoys your company.

3. He Asks Questions

A surefire way to tell if someone is interested in getting to know someone else is if they ask questions about them. If a guy is asking questions about your life, your interests, or your hobbies, then he is likely trying to get closer to you by learning more about who you are!

4. He Shares Personal Information

If a guy shares personal information with you through texting, such as his thoughts or feelings on certain topics or experiences he has had recently, then this could be an indication that he feels comfortable enough around you to open up and let down his guard a bit.

5. He Uses Emojis & Exclamation Points

Emojis and exclamation points can be used as indicators of enthusiasm and excitement in communication; if a guy is using these while texting with you, then it could mean that he really enjoys talking with you! On top of this, emojis can also be used as subtle flirting techniques – if he’s sending hearts or winking faces with his messages then chances are good that he has some sort of romantic interest in mind!

6. He Is Open About His Plans & Interests

If a guy opens up about his plans for the future or shares information about what interests him most in life (such as hobbies or activities), this could indicate that he sees potential for something more between the two of you than just friendship alone! It implies that he trusts and values your opinion enough to share these details with you!

7. He Compliments You

Compliments can be one of the most obvious signs of attraction – if a guy compliments your looks or personality over text, then chances are good that there’s something there beyond just friendship alone! Pay attention to how often (and what type) of compliments come your way – this could give insight into how much admiration is behind those messages!

8. He Checks In On You

If someone truly cares for another person, they tend to check in on them from time-to-time out of genuine concern for their wellbeing – if a guy is frequently asking how things have been going for you and inquiring about any new developments/events in your life lately then this could be an indication that his feelings go deeper than just platonic friendship alone!