“Unlock The Secrets To Giving The Perfect Hickey – Your Guide To Guaranteed Success!”


If you’re looking to give your special someone an unforgettable experience, then a hickey is the perfect way to show them how much you care. But giving the perfect hickey isn’t as easy as it seems – there are some important tips and tricks that you’ll need to know in order to make sure your hickey is guaranteed success. Read on for our ultimate guide on how to give the perfect hickey!

Choose Your Location Wisely

The first step in giving a perfect hickey is choosing the right location. You want to make sure that it’s somewhere that won’t be too visible, but also somewhere that your partner will feel comfortable with. The neck and chest area are generally good spots, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you could also try other areas such as the arms or legs.

Prepare The Area

Once you’ve chosen the spot for your hickey, it’s important to prepare the area before starting. Make sure that the skin is clean and dry, and gently massage it with your fingers or a warm cloth. This will help increase blood flow in the area and make it easier for your hickey to stay in place longer.

Choose The Right Pressure

The key to giving a perfect hickey is using just enough pressure so that it looks nice without being too intense – think of it like making an imprint rather than leaving a mark. Start by lightly kissing or licking the area before increasing pressure gradually until you reach your desired intensity level. It’s important not to go too hard – otherwise, you might end up hurting your partner instead of giving them pleasure!

Once you’ve reached the ideal level of pressure, hold this position for around 10-20 seconds before releasing slowly. This will ensure that your hickey stays in place for longer and looks more vivid when it appears on their skin after a few hours.

Be Gentle & Patient

When giving a hickey, patience is key! Take your time exploring different areas of their body while building up anticipation for what’s coming next – this will help set the mood and make things even more enjoyable for both of you. Additionally, be gentle throughout – pulling or pinching their skin can cause pain instead of pleasure which is definitely not what you want when trying to give a perfect hickey!

Be Mindful Of Their Pleasure

Finally, remember that giving a perfect hickey isn’t only about technique – it’s also about pleasing your partner! Pay attention to their reactions throughout and adjust accordingly – stopping if they ask or seem uncomfortable at any point during the process. When done correctly, everyone involved should feel safe and thoroughly enjoy themselves!


Giving someone a perfect hickey doesn’t have to be intimidating – all it takes is some patience and understanding of how best to use techniques like pressure and location selection in order to ensure success! With these tips in mind, we guarantee that anyone can give their special someone an unforgettable experience – one they won’t soon forget!