“Unlock Your Inner Strength with This Aquarius Solar Eclipse Ritual – February 2020!”

# Unlock Your Inner Strength with This Aquarius Solar Eclipse Ritual – February 2020!
The Aquarius Solar Eclipse on February 9th, 2020 is a powerful time to tap into your inner strength and unlock the abundance of potential within. This ritual is designed to help you work through any blocks or fears that may be preventing you from reaching your highest goals and manifesting your true desires. By taking the time to honor this cosmic event, we can open ourselves up to a new level of growth, love, and understanding.

## Connecting with the Universe
The first step in this ritual is to connect with the universe. Find a comfortable spot in nature where you can sit or lay down and take some deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax fully as you close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Feel the energy of the earth beneath you and imagine yourself being connected with all of its life force. As you continue to breathe deeply, feel yourself letting go of any worries or anxieties that have been weighing on your mind. Now turn your attention inward and begin to make contact with the power that lies within you. Feel this power expanding throughout every part of your body until it fills every cell with its vibrant energy.

## Honoring Your Inner Strength
Once you have made contact with this inner strength, it’s time to honor it by writing down an affirmation or mantra that resonates strongly with you. This could be something like “I am strong” or “I trust my intuition”; whatever feels right for you at this moment in time. Take a few minutes to reflect on these words before speaking them aloud three times while looking up at the sky during the eclipse (if possible). Doing so will help set these words firmly in your subconscious mind so they can act as a reminder whenever needed throughout this journey ahead.

## Releasing Blocks & Fears
Now take a few moments to think about any blocks or fears that are holding you back from achieving your highest potential. These could be anything from self-doubt or fear of failure, to feeling unworthy or not good enough; whatever comes up for you as soon as possible write it down on paper then tear it up into small pieces and scatter them around the area where you are performing this ritual (you may also choose burn them if desired). Doing so symbolically releases these unwanted emotions which allows space for new ideas and possibilities for growth within yourself.

## Opening Up To Abundance
Now it’s time to open yourself up to abundance by focusing on what brings joy into your life; whether it be spending time with loved ones, engaging in creative activities, etc., take some time each day over the next few weeks to do something that brings joy into your life no matter how small it may seem at first! Doing so will help open up pathways for new opportunities and experiences which will ultimately lead towards greater abundance overall!

## Final Thoughts
The Aquarius Solar Eclipse is an incredibly powerful time that can provide us with an opportunity for personal growth if we use it wisely! By connecting with our inner strength, honoring our worthiness, releasing our blocks & fears, and opening up pathways for greater abundance we can truly unlock our full potential and reach heights we never thought were possible!