What a Leo-Virgo Relationship Taught Me

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It can be difficult to love individuals at times.

Sometimes the lines between love and lust blur, and it’s difficult for one person to recognise how they go hand in hand.
Let me tell you something if you’re in a Leo-Virgo relationship: your differences can make or break you.

So pay attention to how they treat you, how you treat them, and how your relationship is when you’re together and when you’re apart.
You can find it difficult to adore the other person if you’re in a Leo-Virgo relationship. This is something I can assure you of. I’m a Virgo, and I’ve had plenty of experiences with Leo men. We’re almost polar opposites, and we have a hard time understanding each other at times.

Virgos are passionate about their partners.

We are a nervous species. We tend to mistrust ourselves when we don’t receive the reinforcement we seek and when our affection isn’t returned. We become hypersensitive, extremely worried, and a control freak, to name a few traits.

Because they want the people around them to be happy, Virgos will overanalyze everything and apologise for everything and everything (even if they aren’t at fault). It can be aggravating at times.

We understand that you’re a nervous wreck. Relax.

Love is seldom the top priority for Leos.

“Love? “I’m not familiar with her.” -Mariah Carey, who is a Leo as well.
Sure, they’re dedicated and diligent, but when it comes to relationships, they’re not. They are extremely self-reliant. When they set their minds on anything, they are adamant about achieving it and confident that they will. It’s very admirable. They are, nevertheless, self-centered and insensitive. A Virgo would never do such a thing.

At their worst, Leos are obstinate and will never admit to being wrong, even if they are. Leos are self-assured; they’re cool, quiet, and collected, which can come across as “idgaf” at times. How do they manage to do it?!

For the Leo or Virgo in the partnership, love isn’t in the cards. Sure, there’s lust. But what about love? Nope.
These were men I didn’t care for. They wouldn’t even let me try, so I couldn’t.

I’ve only recently learnt how to let go and move on as a result of my experiences. I’ve simply learnt to love myself instead.

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