What Each Zodiac Sign Is More Concerned About Than They Should

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Congratulations on your accomplishments. Because you’re preoccupied with attaining your goals, even if it means burning yourself out, you rarely take a break.

Your fortune. You understand that money isn’t everything, yet you wish you could buy whatever you wanted.

Your ex-partners. You can’t stop trying to ‘win’ the breakup since they’re in your past for a purpose.


Love You know that self-love is the most important thing, yet you still wish you were in a committed relationship.

Your name is on the line. Even though you know it shouldn’t matter, you care a lot about how other people see you.

Your blunders. Even years later, when you should have moved on, you can’t stop thinking about them.

Your physical appearance is important. You never want to leave the house without wearing a flawless clothing and applying a complete face of makeup.

Please accept my apologies. You’re continually thinking about what may have happened if you had made different choices.

It’s all about you and your sex life. You can’t take being without water for long periods of time. You want other people to be interested in you.

Your position title. You want to be respected and admired. You want everyone to be aware of your abilities.

Milestones in your life You’re fixated on achieving milestones at the ‘correct’ age to avoid falling behind.

Your social media audience. You want to be noticed. Every single time. You can’t tolerate it when you’re ignored.

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