What Each Zodiac Wants From A Relationship Without Asking

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Aries: Somebody to stand by them even when they’re rude.
Aries are passionate and energetic people who love life and want others to join them. They enjoy being the boss and making decisions, even if it means being challenged. While Aries can be a flirt and easily bored, if they find someone they like, they will go to great lengths to obtain them. Even when things are going well, Aries needs to know that being blunt or even unpleasant won’t push their spouse away (which can be quite a bit of the time). They don’t mean to be rude, but they don’t want to lose their partner, especially if they’ve grown close. They won’t ask this of their spouse because it would force them to review their own behaviour and realise how much they rely on them. To be oneself and hope for the best.

Taurus: Someone who loves them as much as they love others.
Taurus people are renowned to go deep into new relationships, wanting to discover everything about you and getting you to open up, despite their own initial reticence. They want someone who is as invested and appreciative of them as they are of their relationship. They won’t ask for it, but if the relationship is excellent and the spouse provides a comfortable existence, they won’t mind carrying additional emotional weight.

Gemini: Someone to adore them despite their bad behaviours.
Because they are terrified of missing out on anything, Geminis have a hard time expressing themselves or making decisions in their lives. Their relationships are usually free-flowing and casual because they want to keep things interesting until they meet someone who shares their desire. The urge to be completely understood and appreciated by their partner, especially when they display their dark or unattractive sides, is something Geminis crave but rarely express. They want to know they can entirely expose themselves and their partner will still adore them.

Cancer: Someone to care for them as they do.
With such a big heart and sensitive nature, it isn’t surprising that Cancers like being in love. They normally fall strongly and fast in love, and may imagine a future with someone if they connect with them. And while they are thrilled to meet someone compatible with them, they secretly wish to know their spouse feels the same way about them. Not wanting to appear clingy or overpowering to their spouse, they won’t say it out loud, and it’s tough to tell exactly how they feel. At the end of the day, they’ll be satisfied as long as their spouse shows affection and communicates with them, but they genuinely want assurance that both of them are equally invested in one other.

Leo: Someone to fully validate their incredibleness.
Leos are exuberant and confident, and can enchant just about everyone. They have big hearts and attempt to make their lives sound exciting to anyone who would listen. When Leos find someone they truly want, they will go above and beyond to win their attention and hearts. A Leo picking someone is a major matter, as they are always afraid about settling for the incorrect individual. Leos make sure their relationships are entertaining, helpful, and adoring, and they easily express their needs to their partners. In their relationships, Leos like to impress their partners and remind them of their worth, even if they don’t ask for it. Relationships make anybody vulnerable, so when a Leo starts opening up to their relationship, they want confirmation that their spouse still thinks they’re as beautiful and incredible as they think they are.

Virgo: Someone who wants to be with you despite your quirks/trust concerns.
Virgos are reserved, analytical, and critical of themselves and others. They have high standards and won’t accept anything less. However, when they meet someone they believe could be the real deal, they are willing to take a chance. Once they’ve fallen in love, they’re tremendously loving, loyal, and committed companions. Even when things are going well, a Virgo secretly hopes their spouse understands their oddities and trust issues and still wants to stay with them. To acquire a Virgo’s confidence, a partner must first earn it, not be ready to flee the moment the Virgo becomes wary. They won’t mention this to their relationship since they don’t want to appear clingy or too connected (a concept they despise) and drive their lover away.

Libra: Someone to adore them unconditionally.
In all of their relationships, platonic or romantic, Libras strive for harmony. They want their relationships to be quiet, pleasant, and comfortable. However, once they meet someone who balances them, they would hang on tight without hesitation. A Libra doesn’t desire one-sided love; they expect their spouse to give as much as they receive. Even in the most amicable partnerships, the Libra wants to know that their partner is not only invested, but that they are not doing so to take advantage of them. Libras are aware that people can be manipulative and play games with each other, yet they can be prone to overlooking red flags in order to avoid a confrontation. A Libra won’t demand this from their spouse since they realise it can come across as accusatory, leading to a confrontation they want to avoid at all costs.

Scorpio: Someone deserving of their faith.
Scorpios are intriguing, passionate, and one of the zodiac’s most desired signs. Their sex appeal is important, but so is the way they present themselves, talk, and move. Scorpios are continually encouraging you to come closer but also pushing you away, giving them a lot of alternatives in terms of relationships. Scorpios are still quite picky, and it takes a lot to break down their boundaries and gain their trust. But here’s the kicker: even when a Scorpio is deeply in love, a part of them still doubts anyone’s loyalty (even themselves). Even in the finest of relationships, a Scorpio will always have the doubt that their spouse is worthy of their trust and vulnerability. The Scorpio knows that even if their spouse makes all kinds of claims and does everything to show their trustworthiness, they will still be distrustful.

Sagittarius: Someone willing to go on adventures with them.
Sagittarius is an adventurous and playful sign who dislikes being restrained. They are fun-loving and cheerful, and they want their companions to have fun too. It takes a special person to make them want to be in a relationship, but once they do, they’re faithful and interesting companions. Even in the most promising of relationships, a Sagittarius wants a companion who can keep up and explore with them, not hold them back. Though adaptable and prepared to go with the flow, Sagittarius is a restless type who continually wants to discover the world and all it has to offer. They won’t ask this of their relationship since they realise it’s tough to perceive things the same way unless you’re precisely same, and even then, you may not share the same desires. But it doesn’t mean they don’t wish for an honest and happy relationship.

Capricorn: Someone who desires their assistance as much as their romantic gestures.
Capricorns are recognised for their practicality, coldness, and pessimism, yet they are much more. They are fiercely loyal and protective when they are in love. Capricorns enjoy helping people realise their dreams, and they have a sensitive spot for those they end up loving. While the Capricorn wants to know that their partner values their support and advise as much as they value the romantic gestures and kind words they give. Capricorns aren’t naturally emotional, but they will try if it means a lot to their spouse (and it usually does). Capricorns like to be there for their partners when they need help or are going through a tough moment, and they are quite good at it. To them, actions speak louder than words, so if their spouse truly dismisses this aspect of themselves, they will know sooner rather than later.

Aquarius: Someone to trust and offer them entire freedom.
Water Bearers love learning and growing in their life, and are continuously challenge themselves to become better and more aware of their own and the world around them. They are driven to social causes and feel obligated to serve in any way they can, thus being in a relationship is seen as a waste of time. When an Aquarius meets someone who truly captures their attention and heart, they are willing to try to accommodate them and perhaps exhibit a little of their sensitive side. Even if everything is great, an Aquarius still needs personal space and freedom, and while they won’t sacrifice this for anyone, they want to know that their spouse fully trusts them to be themselves and come back at the end of the day. Aquarius knows this is a lot to expect of others, especially considering their emotional distance and privacy. They often don’t put their partners in this situation; they simply emphasise their desire for space and see what happens.

Pisces: Somebody who will put aside their negative habits or tendencies to be with you.
Pisces are sympathetic, selfless, and optimistic. Despite past heartache, they like to start fresh with each new person they fall for, which is motivating but may also lead to them being exploited. Even though they try to hide it, Pisces sincerely want to discover their soulmate. When they do get into a relationship, they go out of their way to show their partners how much they care and how beneficial they can be as a partner. No matter how well a relationship appears to be doing, deep down the Pisces needs to feel valued, even if it means changing negative habits. In spite of the fact that Pisces are unselfish and givers, they still expect that their partner will be worth putting aside their toxic, dreadful flaws to actually be the ideal relationship they have envisaged in their heads. They won’t ask since they know it’s unjust to project their own ideas onto someone else, but they silently wish for it.

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