What Every Zodiac Sign Expects From Their Partner During the Pandemic

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They require a soothing presence. When they’re spinning, they need their spouse to calm them down.

2. Taurus
They require consistency. They require someone who will be present at all times.

3. Gemini
They are in need of affection. Because they are cut off from the rest of the world, they rely on their partner to be there for them.

4. Cancer
They’re in desperate need of reassurance. When they believe the world is ending, they need to be assured that everything will be fine.

5. Leo
They’re in desperate need of a boost to their self-esteem. Even if they haven’t been to a hair salon or nail salon in months, they need to be reminded that they are beautiful.

6. Virgo
They’re in desperate need of a companion. When they’re down, they need someone to make them laugh and cheer them up.

7. Libra
They require assistance. They require assistance with practical, everyday tasks.

8. Scorpio
They require someone to confide in. They require someone to sit with them and listen to them rage for a long.

9. Sagittarius
They are in desperate need of a lover. They require someone to divert their attention with sex.

10. Capricorn
They’re in desperate need of a rock. When they’re overthinking again, they need someone to lean on.

11. Aquarius
They require amusement. They require someone to occupy their time so that their minds do not drift to dark thoughts.

12. Pisces
They’re in desperate need of a cuddling partner. Since the rest of the world is off-limits, they need someone they can kiss and touch.

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