What Major You Choose Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

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What Major You Choose Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you having problems picking which major to pursue? Based on the features of your sign, your zodiac sign may be able to tell you what major is best for you!

  1. Aquarius-Sociology

The average Aquarius like to remain to oneself, is extremely passionate about their ideals, is extremely intelligent, and is concerned with issues of equality for all. As a result, Aquarius, the major you should declare is sociology! Sociology is concerned with all aspects of human society, including how society came to be, how it is structured, and how it functions. This is ideal for Aquarius since not only will the course material engage their brain, but their need for equality will also be addressed. One of sociologists’ key goals is to use what they discover to improve human society, and equality is something that this field strives for.

  1. Pisces-Film and Photography 

Pisces is a peaceful sign. They are usually wise above their years, sensitive, emotional, get along with everyone, and enjoy old-fashioned hobbies. If you’re a Pisces, declare Film and Photography as your major! Your passion for hobbies usually indicates that you are broad and talented in a variety of areas, which is ideal for working in the film industry. Your ability to be friendly and deal with a variety of individuals can come in handy in the workplace! Also, because of your sensitivity, your art will have more weight and create emotion in the audience as they absorb your work.

  1. Aries – Education

Aries, You are extroverted and independent, enjoy being in charge, are a little impulsive, and are more practical than emotional. You should declare education as your major! The path to becoming an instructor is ideal for you, Aries, because as an extrovert, you thrive in social situations. Additionally, as someone who leads with their intellect rather than their heart, you will remain calm and collected in the classroom, which is critical for keeping kids on task. As you will be training to teach, leadership will be a big part of your major, which should appeal to you!

  1. English-Taurus

As a Taurus with an English degree, I may be biassed, but English Literature is the major you should declare! This is perfectly up your alley, Taurus, as a lover of romance and the arts. You’re a little stubborn, but you’re proud of your responsibility and appreciate consistency. The consistent routine you crave will be provided by the stable structure of literature courses, reading homework, and class discussion. To complete all of the assigned reading, you will need to be responsible, though you will most likely not require any additional motivation than your love of books.

  1. Gemini – business

As a Gemini, you are inquisitive, extroverted, people-oriented, enjoy travelling, are driven to succeed, and are adaptable to any environment. As a result, you should claim business as your major! As a business major, you will be expected to engage with a wide range of people, adapt to new environments (depending on your future position), and be encouraged to pitch concepts. Your innate drive will be useful, as will your curiosity, which will allow you to go deep into your task.

  1. Cancer-Create Writing

Cancers are usually artistic and creative, enjoy assisting others, prefer to lead with passion over logic, and avoid conflict at all costs. Creative writing is the major you should declare, Cancer! This major will help you to delve deep into your mind and let your creativity run wild. Your feelings can be expressed in your writing, making it feel more personal and compelling! Courses in creative writing are quite involved, allowing students to assist others with their work.

  1. Leo – Theatre

Leo, you are a creative, headstrong sign who enjoys a challenge. You are loyal, extroverted, and self-assured in your abilities and capabilities. Theatre is the major you should declare, Leo! You were born to be the centre of attention! Learning intricate choreography or a long, dramatic monologue will benefit you if you can exude confidence and tackle challenges. Your willful personality will undoubtedly make you immensely convincing in whichever role you land, and your dedication to your fellow theatre students will allow you to connect with the cast because they will see that you can be trusted.

  1. Virgo-Chemistry 

As a Virgo, you are naturally diligent, analytical, and goal-oriented. You value cleanliness in all aspects of life and are realistic. Chemistry is the major you should declare since you keep your eye on the prize, Virgo! Having a science degree necessitates organisation, planning, rapid thinking, and, of course, analytical thinking. Your hygiene will help things go smoothly in lab sessions, and your work ethic will benefit you as you progress from beginner to advanced major courses.

  1. Libra – Kinesiology

Libra, you are a naturally gregarious person who enjoys being outside, is a peacemaker in many circumstances, and is highly educated. Because of these characteristics, Kinesiology is the major you should declare! Your calm, attractive demeanour instantly makes others feel at ease around you, making treating problems much easier for the client or classmate you’re practising on. Your sharp brain will enable you to swiftly grasp the information, which is not easy in this major. Your love of the outdoors may inspire you to train as a trainer one day, allowing you to work athletic events while enjoying the sunshine!

  1. Scorpio-Political Science

Your nature as a Scorpio causes you to be brave and outspoken, resourceful, and able to take on leadership roles with ease while also standing out in a crowd. Political science is the major tailor-made for you, Scorpio! You’re an excellent candidate since you can be forceful without worrying about what others think. You’d be able to dominate group initiatives and presentations on diverse political issues thanks to your innate desire to lead and inventiveness. Your assertiveness also makes you a very persuasive person, which is an important aspect of political science.

  1. Saggitarius-Philosophy

Saggitarius, you have a great sense of humour, are charitable, enjoy travelling, are generally positive and idealistic in your outlook, and set lofty goals for yourself. The combination of these factors suggests that you should declare Philosophy as your major! Philosophy as a major necessitates a great deal of metaphorical and complicated reasoning. It may motivate you to visit to nations where you are studying, such as India, where Buddhism was born as a religion. Your sense of humour will lighten up your classes and encourage lively discussion.

  1. Capricorn – history

Capricorns are disciplined, cherish tradition as well as responsibility, and have a proclivity to reflect on the past. That being stated, history is the major you should declare! This degree consists completely of history classes, which is great for you, Capricorn. Because the amount of reading required each day is usually rather significant, your capacity to self-discipline will be highly praised. As you study about historical events and how specific people groups have been handled over time in other countries, your sense of responsibility will shine through in class discussion.


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