What Virgo Should Expect In September 2021 (Horoscope)

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September has come, bringing with it a flurry of astrological enthusiasm and intensity. The Virgo season is now in full gear, with the Sun and Mars both in this sign at the start of the month, putting everyone in a productive, concentrated mentality and preparing them for a powerful conclusion. Our relationships may take a center seat now that Venus is in Libra, one of its rulership signs. Under the watchful eye of Virgo energy, there is a desire to connect and understand our partner better, which necessitates clearing the air and setting things right. When Venus enters Scorpio later this year, we may feel compelled to bond more intensely and draw closer to our significant others than ever before—or to seek one out if we are currently single. Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Libra at the end of the month, which could lead to miscommunication and frustration, but don’t get too worked up over it just yet!
Virgo, this month begins with your season! Expect lots of confidence and energy to come your way with the Sun and Mars headlining your first house. You’ve made big plans and set great goals for yourself, and now is the time to put them into action! September is full of potential and possibilities (especially in terms of your work), and now is more than ever the time to embrace it.
(Remember to read not only for your Sun sign, but also for your Rising sign!)
This is the moment to buckle down and make a plan if you’ve been putting it off. You have everything you need to get out of that situation. For the first half of the month, the Sun and Mars are in your first house, kindling confidence and energy levels—you know what you want to accomplish, and if you haven’t already, now is the time to get started. Jupiter (the planet of growth) and Saturn (the planet of laws, boundaries, and structure) are both in your sixth house of employment, health, and routine. Now is the moment to create a framework or habit that not only works for you, but also for others. For the person who is constantly looking up astrological compatibility when meeting new people. The book How You’ll Do Everything Based On Your Zodiac Sign takes an in-depth look at the personalities of each zodiac sign. You’ll find out which high school clique best represents them (the cool art kids are Pisces), who would be eaten first in a frightening movie (clearly Gemini), and how each sign prefers to express “I love you” (excellent food for Taurus). This book is full with deep dives into the minds of everyone whose birth record you can get your hands on, alternating between amusing, sweet, and serious. Purchase now.
Virgo, September shines a bright light on your work and income! Your Sun and Mars in the first house give you the extra boost of confidence you need to take the next step toward achieving your goals. However, this is not the time to wait; Mars in Virgo is urging you to take the initiative rather than waiting for someone to hand you what you desire. Jupiter and Saturn are transiting your 6th house of productivity, work, health, and routine, which is also experiencing an awakening. Jupiter is here to assist you shed some of your burdens, but Saturn will still keep you in check. Furthermore, when we enter Libra season, many planets will be transiting your 2nd house of finances, with Venus likely bringing intriguing prospects. Mars in this house, on the other hand, may act as a warning not to spend money too hastily. The New Moon will fall in your first house, signaling the beginning of new beginnings and chapters.
Taking initiative and initiating big moves/conversations in your life is a recurrent theme for you this month. When it comes to your relationships, the Full Moon in Pisces in your 7th house of partnerships will be very prominent on the 20th. Full Moons frequently signify the end of a chapter in order to make place for something new. If you’re single, now is the perfect time to go on those dates you’ve been planning. If you’ve been in a devoted long-term relationship for a while and things are going well, it could be time to move in together, get engaged, or even marry. However, if things haven’t been going well for a long time, this could indicate that it’s time to part ways. Regardless, it will be time to accept the end of a chapter and the start of a new journey.
The Full Moon in Pisces in your 7th house affects not only your love relationships, but also your friendships. If you’ve been harboring unresolved conflicts with a buddy, the Full Moon (and the days leading up to it) can reveal if it’s time for you both to move on or if there’s still time to work things out. For some of you, especially as you enter the next chapter of your life, this may be a moment when you feel drawn even closer to your friends than before. Pay close attention and avoid making hasty decisions.
Throughout September, this house is relatively quiet, so you may relax. However, if you have any outstanding concerns in this area, now is a great moment to address them. Virgo season is always a good time to examine and address problems you’ve been dealing with—just don’t go hunting for arguments when there aren’t any.

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