What Your Zodiac Sign’s Planet Reveals About You

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Aries: Mars
Mars is the planet of activity and drive, and it has a significant influence on Aries. Because Mars is associated with conflict, passion, and ambition, Aries is a sign that is full of initiative and resolve. They may have a temper, but given their want to move on to the next thing and not be connected to what has previously occurred, they blow it off fast. They are adamant about making things happen in their lives, and with Mars as their ruling planet, nothing can stop them.

Taurus: Venus
It’s no wonder that Venus is involved because Taurus signs are known for being committed, indulgent, and self-aware. Venus represents love, attraction, harmony, art, and beauty, all of which are important to Taureans. Taurus zodiac signs exemplify Venus’s desire to beautify the world, especially in a physical sense. Taurus, while caring profoundly about their relationships and being especially devoted in its commitments, like to demonstrate their love in tangible ways that can be seen and touched in one’s hands.

Gemini: Mercury
Gemini is a sign of communication, and Mercury is the planet of communication, therefore it’s a perfect marriage. Mercury is also associated with intellect, the mind, logic, and reasoning, all of which are essential to Gemini. Gemini signs are all about debates and possibilities, as well as broadening their horizons and learning new things. They are ruled by Mercury, therefore the emphasis is on the material rather than the different ways. They don’t care how they obtain the knowledge; all they worry about is that they get it.

Cancer: Moon
Even though it is not a planet, the Moon has personal ramifications, especially for Cancer signs. Our emotions, habits, moods, and unconsciousness–a large part of our inner world–are all ruled by the Moon. Cancer signs are frequently said to be highly intuitive, both in terms of their own feelings and those of those around them. They have strong feelings and tend to withdraw inside themselves and their familiar surroundings to reflect.

Leo: Sun
Despite the fact that the Sun is not a planet, its influence is enormous. Given that Leo is their ruling astrological body, they grasp this better than most. What does this mean for Leos? The Sun is mostly associated with ego, inner personality, and vitality. While ego is sometimes associated with self-centeredness, it is primarily concerned with identifying and meeting one’s essential needs, which Leos are drawn to. Leos have a tendency to light up any place they enter and aren’t afraid to shine when the situation demands it. They’re also full of life and energy, and they’re not afraid to keep going until they achieve their goals.

Virgo: Mercury
Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, but it also has an influence on the Virgo mentality. Mercury’s associations with the mind, communication, and intelligence are mostly at work here, but they manifest in Virgos in a unique way. They place a high value on communication, but it is focused on a specific goal rather than simply conversing for the sake of conversing. Virgos want intellectual stimulation as well, but they have certain goals in mind. Virgo shares Mercury’s need for logic and reason, as they don’t want to waste their time on trivial matters.

Libra: Venus
Libra is dominated by Venus, just like its Taurean counterparts. With Libra, the planet of love, seduction, beauty, and art takes on a more people-oriented role. While aesthetics are still important, there is a clear understanding of how Libra attracts and gets along with others. Even if they aren’t attempting to, they have a tremendous pull that draws others to them. While material qualities (their style and residences in particular) are still present in Libra placements, their love (in all its manifestations) for other people takes precedence.

Scorpio: Pluto and Mars
While the majority of signs have only one planet that governs them, a few have two. Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth, mystery, and even darkness, is the ruler of Scorpio. While that may not appear to be the most lighthearted of themes, Scorpios are perfectly at ease with matters that others consider taboo. They prefer to delve further into subjects and aren’t hesitant to explore areas of themselves that are unsettling to others. Pluto likes to push us to let go of what doesn’t work for us and start over, and Scorpios are masters of self-awareness and intensity.

Scorpio was supposed to be ruled by Mars at first, despite the fact that Pluto is the primary ruler. Many people feel Mars still has a strong hold on Scorpio, and it’s simple to see why–Mars, the planet of passion, aggression, rage, and war, can be seen in the intensity and passion that lurks under their mysterious surface. Scorpio’s long-standing reputation for sensuality is likely due to the planet’s association with sex or sex drive.

Sagittarius: Jupiter
Jupiter is the planet of expansion, philosophy, travel, and abundance, and is frequently mentioned as a planet that affects luck. Does this ring a bell? Sagittarius signs are known for their free-spirited and typically positive attitude toward life. They have a strong desire to learn new things and broaden their horizons; they don’t want to be content with what they already know. Sagittarius energy does tend to carry a touch of luck with it in its ongoing pursuit of learning and discovery, and Jupiter is frequently the planet many people look to when choosing where they will luck out in life.

Capricorn: Saturn
Saturn, the planet of limits, restrictions, and rules, isn’t one to screw about. It’s no surprise, however, that the sign it governs is similarly severe, hardworking, and determined about the boundaries it establishes. Capricorns are generally stereotyped as workaholics who have to follow the rules and are quite critical of themselves. While this is sometimes true, Capricorn signs ultimately reflect Saturn’s yearning for structure and tradition. However, not in a way that implies that tradition is the only option, but rather in a way that encourages us to consider what has worked in the past and not to dismiss it in favour of something new and flashier.

Aquarius: Uranus and Saturn
Aquarius, like Scorpio, is influenced by multiple planets. Uranus is the planet of invention, revolt, and technology, so it’s no surprise that it’s related with Aquarius. Aquarius is a sign that is concerned with the collective and how to improve the world around us, particularly by revolting against oppressive systems and overturning established beliefs. They’re also recognised for being extremely original and creative, preferring to immerse themselves in activities that few others do. They are not scared to take a detour.

Saturn, on the other hand, has some impact over Aquarian traits. While Saturn’s rigid adherence to rules and structure may appear to be diametrically opposed to Aquarius values, there is some compatibility. Aquarius is also a sign that seeks to broaden their horizons and learn new things, and will frequently devote time to understanding about present systems and how they work. Aquarius, on the other hand, is more interested in destroying and upgrading what already exists than in adhering to the established rules. Saturn loves stability, but Aquarius isn’t afraid to shake things up when necessary.

Pisces: Neptune and Jupiter
Pisces zodiac signs are known for their creativity, artistic expression, sensitivity, and daydreaming. It’s easy to see where many of those characteristics come from when you look at their ruling planet, Neptune. Neptune is the planet of inspiration, dreams, illusion, and even perplexity. Pisces is engrossed in the world’s artistic dreamscape, preferring to stay in a daydream rather than face reality. Their very intuitive character, on the other hand, tends to ground them and allow their connection to other people’s emotions to have a meaningful impact on them. They are bright, clever, and thoughtful, even if they can let their perceptions get the best of them and lose sight of things at times.

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