“Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Unaffected By the February 2020 New Moon? Find Out Now!”

The February 2020 New Moon: What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

The February 2020 new moon is set to be a powerful one. Falling in the sign of Aquarius, it will bring with it an opportunity to break free from old patterns and embrace a fresh start. But some zodiac signs may feel the effects more than others. Here, we take a look at which signs will experience the greatest transformation during this lunar event, as well as which ones are likely to be left relatively unscathed.


Aries is one of the zodiac signs that will be affected most by the February new moon. This sign is known for its strong sense of ambition and leadership, traits which could be tested during this period. The new moon’s energy could bring out Aries’ competitive side, pushing them to take risks and pursue their goals with greater intensity than before.


Taurus will also feel the effects of the February 2020 new moon quite strongly. This sign is known for its practicality and stability, but the new moon’s influence could cause Taurus to become more daring and adventurous in pursuit of their dreams. They may also find themselves more willing to take risks and embrace change during this time.


Gemini will benefit greatly from the February 2020 new moon, as its influence brings an increased sense of curiosity and exploration. Gemini’s naturally inquisitive nature will be further enhanced by this lunar event, leading them down paths they may not have considered before. This sign should make sure to take advantage of their newfound creative energy while it lasts!


Cancer may find itself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the power of this lunar event due to its sensitive nature. Cancer is known for being highly emotional and intuitive, so they should take extra care when navigating any changes that come their way during this time period. That being said, Cancer can also use this period as an opportunity to tap into their natural intuition and explore ideas or projects they may have been hesitant about before now.


Leo will remain largely unaffected by the February 2020 new moon due to its already fiery nature. Leo’s ambition and strength typically do not require much external motivation to thrive, so they are unlikely to experience any major shifts during this period. That being said, Leo should still pay attention to any subtle changes that occur in order to capitalize on any potential opportunities that arise during this time frame.


Virgo will also remain relatively untouched by the energy of this particular lunar event due to its tendency towards practicality and caution when making decisions or taking action in life. Virgo’s analytical approach usually keeps them grounded even when faced with potentially overwhelming situations, so they should be able to weather any storms that come their way without too much difficulty during this period of time .


Libra is another sign that won’t be hugely affected by the February 2020 new moon due its balanced nature – Libra has an innate ability maintain equilibrium despite whatever life throws at them! This means that although there may be some ups-and-downs throughout this lunar cycle, Libra should ultimately come out unscathed on the other side if they stay true to themselves throughout it all .


Scorpio is yet another sign that won’t feel too many repercussions from the February 2020 new moon due its intense passion and dedication towards achieving personal goals – Scorpio knows how get what they want no matter what obstacles stand in their way! As long as Scorpio makes sure not get too carried away with whatever tasks they undertake during this period , then everything should turn out just fine in the end .

Sagittarius Sagittarius won’t experience too much disruption either thanks its optimistic attitude towards life – no matter what happens , Sagittarius always manages see things from a positive perspective ! However , Sagittarius should still keep tabs on how they respond various situations throughout this lunar cycle , as certain situations might require different approaches than usual in order achieve desired outcomes .

< h2 >In Conclusion: Which Zodiac Signs Will Be Unaffected By The February New Moon? All in all , Aries , Taurus , Cancer , Gemini , Virgo , Libra , Scorpio , and Sagittarius are all likely remain relatively unaffected by energy brought forth by February 2020 New Moon . While these signs aren ’ t completely exempt from experiencing some changes or challenges over course upcoming weeks , none them are expected experience anything too dramatic or life – altering . So if you fall under one these star signs mentioned above then don ’ t worry – you probably won ’ t feel major impact coming your way !