Your Career’s Destiny, According to the Zodiac

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Career Destiny and the Zodiac

Many astrologers will point you to your sixth and tenth houses, which represent work/daily life and career/reputation, respectively. You’ve come to the right place if you want something smaller and more digestible than the complete chart.

Not too keen on the zodiac’s traditional career paths, this guide. “If I read one more site that advises me to become a marine biologist, I’ll scream,” stated my Pisces friend. Aspirations, challenges, and workplace morale are all affected by each sign’s traits. A person’s sun sign is determined by their birth date (a.k.a. the one you probably have on a necklace somewhere).


If you’re an Aries who follows astrology, you’ve undoubtedly read that you should be an athlete, a cop, or a firefighter. Maybe the astrologer encouraged you to take up boxing since you’re a ram and you’re aggressive.

Aries is a competitive sign that excels in organised sports. It has a powerful physicality. Aries cannot be passive, still, or patient; they despise tedium. A desk job is not advised. Your job should provide you a sense of worth and self-sacrifice, as well as a fair dosage of self-importance.

You naturally lead as an Aries. People remember your bravery and desire to take up a task. Your tenacity will serve you well in any workplace. Many will see you as a wonderful manager, but be careful not to come across too strongly. Keep taking initiative and risking, but don’t brag about your achievements. Let your hard ethic and intelligence do the talking.


Being a Taurus has many perks. People either assume you’re lazy, which is occasionally true, or tenacious, which is always accurate. When given a task, the bull has two speeds. To prepare for the attack, you’ll take your time organising, strategizing, and planning. Most of us spent Friday through Sunday drafting our weekend to-do lists and marking them off in a Redbull haze.

Taurus craves routine and security. The monotony of office life rarely bores you. You’re a hard worker who proofreads all emails and responses. While this is a commendable work ethic, keep in mind that rapid changes might be stressful. Maybe a coworker gets fired. Your Thursday meeting may be postponed. Take a deep breath and rearrange.

Taurus is controlled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, thus you probably appreciate aesthetics. Your calendar is probably color-coordinated, and your handwriting is probably a typeface. While you may enjoy habit and repetition, dull workspaces and filthy environs are detrimental to your morale. Don’t forget to desk-decorate! Add some trinkets and doodads. Consider a creative job — design, fashion, or cinematography spring to mind — or a creative role inside your current job.


Geminis are superb novelists, poets, and composers. Writers including Walt Whitman, George Orwell, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Tupac Shakur are Geminis. It makes sense to seek a profession that allows you to express yourself freely. Geminis are lively, sharp, and full of creative ideas. Your sociability, wit, curiosity, and inquisitiveness define you. Journalism may be excellent for you in today’s ever-changing media and news cycles.

You need some flexibility in your profession because you dislike rigidity and become bored easily. Your adaptability makes you valuable in times of change, and you don’t mind switching assignments. A standard “career” may not even suit your preferred lifestyle. Some Geminis need a career that allows them to choose their own schedule and constantly evolve. Ideally, self-employment.

You’re a natural talker, but you’re also stubborn and don’t like asking for help. Inability to recognise mistakes will stifle growth in any direction. You want to believe you can own up to your faults, but there will always be someone to blame.


Cancers are sometimes described as overly sensitive, although they are often undervalued. Your Cancer friend is definitely the one who spends hours on their Secret Santa present and reminds you to count your drinks at the bar. They care more about everything than you do. Unless you’re a Cancer, in which case your buddies owe you a note.

The Cancer image is linked to compassion and care. A work where you don’t feel like you’re making a difference in someone’s life is going to be tough for you to emotionally connect with. Your career may be creative, entrepreneurial, or something else entirely, but that sense of purpose is essential. So you might prefer a career in education, childcare, or health. Because of this, the crab’s defensive attitude is ideal.

Cancers are also highly sensitive to criticism and thrive best when praised. While Cancers are sensitive to others’ needs and like supporting them, they need to be supported in return; many retreat and shut down when micromanaged or assaulted. A simple Teacher Appreciation Day or nice note would do wonders for them. Remember that a lack of loud acknowledgment does not mean your job is unimportant.


Given that some of the world’s most famous people are Leos, it’s easy to see why every astrologer believes the lion has a bright future. From reality TV to the White House, Leos are everywhere. They are legendary show-offs, full of pride and inventive instincts.

While Leos are notorious for having big egos, they are also unexpectedly delicate. While they thrive on praise and affirmation, they may readily disintegrate by scorn. If you’re a sensitive Leo, you might want to concentrate on thickening your skin (or mane) before going public. If the employment is meaningful to their own personal ideals, a Leo will shine wherever they feel needed and appreciated.

Leos are known for their flamboyance and dominance, yet they are also genuine people who enjoy helping others. To accomplish good job, Leos need to feel proud, which is why many volunteer or run for office. Loyalty always trumps vanity for a Leo. Making a group dynamic work makes you an outstanding coworker (as long as you get equal credit). Allow yourself to work individually and seek accolades, but remember that you thrive in a team environment.


Virgos are neat, organised, and knee-deep in Lysol. A Virgo does well in a realistic setting, gravitating towards occupations in healthcare, finance, or scientific research. But directors like Baz Luhrmann, Tim Burton, and Ava DuVernay show their Virgo natures by creating universes that are both original and believable. The meticulous attention to detail and fully immersive design of Moulin Rouge may not scream “studious, sensible Earth Sign,” but they do.

Virgos prefer to work remotely and quietly, yet managing a project at work may come effortlessly to you. Take advantage of executive opportunities. It may not be your first instinct to take charge, but employees respect a focused leader who sets clear goals. Order the chaos, sort out the specifics, and suggest rational solutions. Startups love you.

Virgos thrive in calm, professional environments. You’re not into office gossip or post-work cocktail drama. That’s OK. But allow yourself to relax occasionally; as a perfectionist, you are your own harshest critic. You’re probably smart, hardworking, and well-liked — give yourself a nice pat on the back.


If you are a manager or recruiter, you need a Libra on your team. And I have two famous blondes to prove it: Elle Woods and Leslie Knope. The similarities between these two individuals are striking: both are highly capable, charismatic, passionate people who have found their callings and jumped in headfirst. That’s Libra mindset!

Libras are adaptable and have diverse interests. Their values include balance, equality, and harmony. Your sense of justice and ability to connect with others make you a good candidate for a profession as a lawyer, mediator, judge, or government figure. (Emmett) or stubborn, moustachioed males (James) (Ron Swanson). Your ability to negotiate — to persuade others — is unmatched.

You are a devoted and cooperative individual who will excel in any field. You will try tirelessly to discover remedies to perceived injustices, making friends along the way. Furthermore, as Libra is controlled by Venus, there is a subtle refinement to all you accomplish. You can do anything you set your mind to, and make it look easy.


First things first: Scorpios are lovely. And not in the usual sense, but in the sparkly, scary, can’t-look-away sense. Also, let’s be clear: Scorpios can see you. It’s a hit. They enjoy the stares and glares. Are we surprised so many end up on a screen or a podium? As a Scorpio, you regard someone assessing you as a challenge.

Scorpios are persuasive. They enjoy a good debate, no matter how risqué or controversial it may be. Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, both Scorpios, can be attractive and repellent. Those meme legacies alone show the wide range of reactions Scorpios in the public may produce.

But beneath your tough appearance, you may be irritable and self-critical. Not popular opinion, but your own voice. You often suppress your doubts, which exacerbates them, especially at work. Scorpios might self-analyze and self-sabotage because to their determination and idealistic nature. Time to digest feelings in secret, then express them healthy. Take constructive criticism seriously.


Sagittarians are the jocks, office darlings, and “Life of the Party” superlative winners. There’s nothing like a Sagittarius to spice up the workplace retreat – but don’t become too spoilt. Sagittarians, born adventurers, expect a lot from their jobs. Sagittarius is a restless sign with an insatiable need for stimulation. Many people find it difficult to settle down and feel fulfilled in a typical profession.

Sag’s saving grace is his devotion for people’ well-being. Sagittarius is a thoughtful and curious creature that is continually learning and evolving. Sagittarians also have a natural charisma and lack social anxieties. This is ideal for teaching, counselling, and mentoring.

The archer is also known for its bravery, tenacity, and risk-taking. You are a fiery optimist with a strong sense of self. You thrive in a job that allows for flexibility and movement. Sags can be pilots, flight attendants, travel writers, stuntmen, or explorers. They are recognised for their humour, freedom, and charisma.


Capricorns either skip the company retreat entirely, preferring to stay home and get ahead of the work week, or they run it. When Capricorns set their minds to anything, there is no stopping them. You, Capricorn, are probably at ease in positions of authority and responsibility. You don’t need to find your employment “gratifying” or “meaningful” to feel fulfilled.

Capricorn is typically praised for its business acumen. This is probably due to the nature of the job: Capricorns value status, productivity, and financial success over company or goal. Capricorns are conventional careerists, as they are Earth Signs. Your coworkers and supervisors (if you have any) remember you for your achievements, legacy, and perseverance, not for your warmth or manner. A little discipline isn’t a bad thing. Not being the office social butterfly doesn’t imply you’re not respected. As in Sex and the City. You are admired by your peers because you say what you mean and do what you say.

Your calmness under pressure and patience are ideal for high-stress occupations. But be careful not to overwork yourself; you have a tendency to take up other people’s slack. People will respect your honesty and seek your advice, but remember that your own workload is generally sufficient.


I doubt many Aquarians will read this, given they have little interest in tangible things or traditions. They are usually at the forefront of progress, but that’s mainly because they always see the larger picture. And by big, I don’t mean worldly big. I mean excellent. Aquarians are the zodiac’s true humanitarians, ceaselessly curious and educated.

If you’re an Aquarius reading this, I’d guess it’s because you’re unsure about your “career”. I don’t think you believe in the modern concept of work-life balance, and you’re comfortable with earning a living while pursuing passion projects. Volunteer labour is particularly prevalent for Aquarius.

Regardless, Aquarians are creative, unconventional, and inventive. The tech industry is a terrific place for those who enjoy math and science to work and explore new ways of progressing. Aquarians want to be a constructive force for change. They infuse their lives with passion and idealistic fervour.


Pisces is a creative, perceptive, and elusive sign. They are mislabeled as “dreamy” or “spacey,” which limits the Piscean mind. They have an uncanny ability to read people and understand human emotion. If you’re a Pisces, you might be drawn to work as a counsellor or therapist, or to explore unfamiliar and difficult terrains as an astronaut, diver, or psychologist.

You are more likely to be motivated by a sense of duty or mission than by financial or personal gain, which makes you useful and admirable in your society. You’re probably accessible, trustworthy, and attentive, making you invaluable among your employees.

Your positivity inspires others, and you may find yourself in a leadership role. Don’t avoid this obligation. You are a good manager because you can read people, analyse all choices before making a decision, and value creative solutions. But avoid any work that is competitive or profit-driven. Your friendly, encouraging demeanour is not suited to managing others.

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