Your Relationships and Your Moon Sign

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While most of us know our sun signs, we may not be as familiar with other components of our birth charts. In relationships, our moon signs might reveal a lot more than our Sun signs.

Our moon sign expresses our innermost ideas, feelings, and perceptions of the world. We may not disclose this piece of ourselves with others until we are comfortable, thus we may not see the complete person.
Was your relationship sign saying about you?

Aries Moon
You’re driven, passionate, and impulsive. When you like someone, you want to get to know them first. You believe in living in the now and not letting it pass. You may be prone to expressing yourself without regard for others’ sentiments. You can feel protective and angry for a short time, but you normally move on fast. You typically crave passion and excitement in your relationships to keep that early spark alive.

Taurus Moon
You’re sensible, sentimental, and devoted. Exalted in Taurus, the moon feels powerful and lofty. You tend to go into partnerships knowing what you want. You believe that relationships suffer when you don’t listen to your spouse, thus you may be more outgoing than your partners. You’re obstinate and don’t like admitting mistakes, but you must for the relationship’s sake. You’ll do everything for your lover if they make you feel secure and loved.

Gemini Moon
You’re curious, talkative, and adaptable. You and your spouse should feel comfortable to ask questions and explore your relationship. If you want things to function, you must communicate. You have a hard time expressing your emotions–you need to talk things out to process them. People are drawn to you, and your fun personality can come off as a flirt, which can cause problems in relationships with jealous partners. You may need to switch relationships to see what’s out there. So long as your partner is daring and lets you be yourself, you’re happy to explore where things go!

Cancer Moon
You’re sensitive and caring. Since the moon is ruled by Cancer, it’s no surprise that you adore expressing yourself. You’re highly intuitive, both with yourself and others–you know how you’re feeling and can usually tell how your loved ones are feeling. When it comes to dating, you want long-term commitment. You crave safety and security, and you draw towards those who can supply it. You will go out of your way to help your partner, but you also like to be pampered! You aren’t afraid to fall in love, and your partners know it.

Leo Moon
The world needs more people like you. You aren’t afraid to let the world know how you feel. You value respect and support as much as affection in your relationships and will lavish them on your partner. You’re drawn to people with great ideas and goals–if someone impresses you, you’re hooked. You may come out as overly emotional at times, but that is typically an indication that you are not being heard. Love expands your giving. You want someone crazy about you and willing to repay the favour.

Virgo Moon
You’re deliberate, restrained, and loyal. You can be reserved when it comes to your emotions, preferring to focus on and assist others. You feel that in a relationship, both partners should be self-sufficient but yet willing to help each other. You struggle to express your demands, so you need a partner who can pick up on subtle indications (though it won’t hurt to practise). You can be over-analytical at times, but only to make the connection better. You don’t do extravagant demonstrations of devotion, but your partners know they can count on you no matter what’s going on in their lives.

Libra Moon
You’re kind, idealistic, and able to bring people together. You crave emotional and multi-dimensional connections with others. Others feel they can open up to you because you truly care about what they have to say. When it comes to relationships, you’re a romantic. You are devoted to your companions and don’t hesitate to express your feelings. You may also be reluctant to conflict and willing to make compromises to please others, which may be problematic if the other person exploits you. But you’re a patient and understanding person who is always willing to hear the other side before making a judgement.

Scorpio Moon
You’re intense, private, and gifted. The moon is in Scorpio, which implies you have a harder time opening up than most–but that doesn’t imply you lack emotion! It’s all about meaningful relationships and falling in love. You crave companions who can balance respecting your boundaries with strong affection. You struggle with trusting yourself and others, and you assume you must solve your emotional challenges alone–but you don’t. You may appear reserved, yet you aren’t scared to let someone into your heart.

Sagittarius Moon
And you’re a hearty soul. You’re usually the life of the party, even if you’re not trying. Your loved ones adore you for your ability to cheer folks up with a joke or an enjoyable event. You seek physical, mental, and emotional independence in your relationships. You aren’t frightened to express your feelings since you appreciate openness. You struggle to communicate bad emotions because you don’t want to bother anyone. You flourish with a partner who respects your space while also wanting to experience new things and make memories with you. You’ll move mountains for them if they can keep up with you.

Capricorn Moon
You’re quiet, realistic, and stoic. The moon is in Capricorn, so it doesn’t express itself as easily, but you’re not a robot. You don’t need to be too affectionate or gushing to show someone you love them. You prefer to express your feelings in relationships by contributing money, taking care of unwanted errands, or lending a shoulder when times are bad. You have an emotional side, but it is difficult to reach. You are drawn to partners who complement you and recognise your contributions. You’re a true loyalist who isn’t scared to commit to a partner if you think it has genuine promise.

Aquarius Moon
You’re rational, distinct, and self-reliant. Like Capricorn moons, you aren’t overly sentimental. You care deeply about others and want to help them, but it must be important to you otherwise it is a waste of time. If you’re into dating, you feel that people should be free to be themselves while yet growing together. You tend to withdraw from folks who ask too much of you, yet you’re open to discussing solutions. Because friendships are so important to you, you’re more inclined to make friends before dating. Your relationships are frequently defined by spontaneity and a desire to improve. If your partner values your individuality and respects your need for autonomy, you’re in it for the long haul.

Pisces Moon
You’re sensitive, empathic, and romantic. You can understand others’ perspectives and make them feel understood. Your emotional expressiveness is your strength, not your weakness. You don’t like bothering people with your troubles, but when you do, you express yourself freely. In partnerships, you prefer individuals that require a little help expressing their emotions, as well as someone steady and reliable. You tend to fall in love with people’s ideas, which can be problematic. Relationships end when people reject your sensitivity and try to make you become someone you aren’t. You thrive with a patient and understanding companion, and you’re happy to reciprocate.

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