Your Venus Sign Explains Why You Can’t Get Over Your Ex

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Aries: You made a hasty decision.
When a split appears to be unavoidable, you’ll have little trouble moving on—at least on the surface. You’ll probably have a hard time dealing with your feelings and figuring out how to grieve the loss of the relationship. As a result, you’ll feel compelled to try something new, but you’ll be thinking about your ex in the back of your mind. You’ll wonder if the split was the right decision, and you’ll mourn what you had, particularly if you haven’t taken the time to consider what went wrong in the first place.

Taurus: You just can’t seem to let go of them.
You find it difficult to let go. You are a devoted partner to the end, despite being uncompromising and daring to ask for what you want. It’s difficult to move forward after a relationship ends because you just want things to remain the way they were.

Gemini: You’re not sure if you made the best decision.
To those who don’t know you well, your choices can appear impetuous at times. You make decisions because you need a change or want to move forward in some way, which may include ending a previous relationship. However, there are times when you look back and wonder if you made the proper decision or if you acted too quickly.

Cancer: You still believe you can love them no matter what. 
Even though you knew the relationship had to end deep down, that doesn’t imply your sentiments did. Even though the split was for the best, a part of you still believes you could have loved them regardless of the issue, and you wish you could have worked it out.

Leo: You became far more attached than you had anticipated.
While you are more than capable of making it on your own, this does not negate the fact that you love deeply and passionately. You invest a lot of time and energy into your relationships, and even if the breakup was a disaster, you still feel strongly about the individual. You are usually prevented from returning by your pride, but it takes you longer to move on.

Virgo: You’re still convinced that you could have saved the relationship.
You know your boundaries in terms of what you’re willing to put up with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on. You are frequently the person who can solve even the most difficult difficulties. While you may realise that ending the relationship was the best option, a part of you still believes that if you had tried harder, you could have made it work.

 Libra:You miss having them around.
You may not miss your ex in every way, but you certainly miss having them in your life. You miss the daily connection you had with them and the sense of security you felt while they were in your life. You could hire anyone to do it, but you miss how well your ex knew you.

Scorpio:You don’t want them to go on yet.
It may come seem as petty, but trust me, it’s only human. Whether or not the relationship ended amicably, you aren’t ready for your ex to move on without you—and if it appears that they are, you can dwell on it for a little longer. You prefer to think they’re still longing for you or haven’t found the right person, and it takes up a lot of your mental space when they appear to have moved on.

Sagittarius: You’re constantly reminded of them.
Even if you’re one of the people least likely to go back to an ex, getting over them isn’t always easy. You enjoy interacting with others around shared interests, explorations, and opinions. When you find someone you care about, you share everything with them. You’re constantly reminded of them once the relationship is over—places you’ve gone, music they loved, and so on.

Capricorn: They appear to be doing better now that you are gone.
Relationships aren’t a competition, although they might feel like one at times. You already despise having to start over, but it’s even more difficult when it appears that your ex is doing better without you. You start to question if you were the root of the problem and if there was anything you could have done to help. You may also feel compelled to demonstrate that you’re fine without them, and it’s difficult to get over someone when you care too much about their view of you.

Aquarius: They had a unique understanding of you that no one else had.
You may prefer to be alone at times, but you also recognise the value of being heard. You may not have always appreciated the person’s desire to be closer to you in the past, but now that the relationship is gone, you mourn how they seemed to understand you in ways no one else did.

Pisces: You romanticised them and only recall the highlights.
You may recognise that the relationship’s conclusion was essential, but you also have a tendency to focus on people’s positive characteristics. You can’t help but remember how much fun you had with them, even if you’re having a bad day. You wish you could relive those unforgettable times. It’s impossible not to become lost in the fantasy.


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