Zodiac Sign And Love Life

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What Carrie Bradshaw didn’t teach me about dating is that you need to know what you want and express it.

True love, in my opinion, is more about two people pinky-promising to quietly, generously, and compassionately share themselves from the inside out. To do so, you must accept your own ticks and demands. Reading about my star-given persona has helped. The zodiac invites me to focus on knowing myself — and sometimes, what I want from others and how to express that. So grab some chocolate and join me (and the stars) in examining your love tendencies this February. Here’s my best estimate at what kind of partner you are based on your sun sign.

Love horoscope Aries
Like Romeo or Edward Cullen, but less dramatic and/or murderous. You prefer to show off your affection by planning extravagant date nights or writing lengthy love letters. You enjoy being pushed, so you seek out folks who are sophisticated and self-sufficient.

Likely teasing, rich conversation, and a little drama. You want someone who appreciates being pursued and makes you feel passionate and significant. That’s good, but you also need someone patient and smart. You value wit highly. Dull silences will leave you bored and disappointed if your companion can’t fill them. So are you and your fellow rams. You seek out persons who nurture those traits.

Love horoscope Taurus
Dating a Taurus is the finest because it involves baked pastries, late-night therapy, massages, and vanilla-scented pillows. You know how to make others feel at ease. You’re also the best pet-namer. Among your coworkers are “angels,” “honey,” and “baby” (with the exception of those who get “honey angel baby”).

You think love should be safe. Who shares your values and respects your boundaries? You prefer long-term commitment and are drawn to those who are steadfast, reliable, and patient. Casual dating can be tricky. It’s probably because you want to know where the date is headed. In a blanket fort, having an earnest heart-to-heart rather than making small conversation in a dimly lit restaurant.

Love horoscope Gemini 

You definitely overuse the term clinging. Even if you just saw the individual last night, a casual text asking, “What are you doing tonight?” isn’t creepy. I know you don’t want to be locked in a relationship, but just find someone that enjoys long road trips, reading, and doesn’t fall into Netflix spirals every week. If he or she routinely contradicts you (Tipsy Tuesday! The kitchen! A Cape Cod week! You’ll probably bail and never look back.

You need continual stimulation and maybe too many breakups. It’s not because Gemini is a “double-faced” sign, but that you’re easily sidetracked. You don’t want to get bored in love, therefore you look for persons with a wide range of hobbies and weekend stamina. You are endlessly amusing, brazenly flirtatious, and a master of irregular schedules. It’s not uncommon to attend a concert and then end up in an underground surf bar. The best things about a Gemini partner are their endless Spotify selections.

Love horoscope cancer
It’s no surprise that Cancers are the best cuddlers. It’s science. You enjoy being nurtured and cuddled by your lover. You want to make people feel safe and secure, but romance requires reciprocity. Your ideal spouse will tell you how much they value you frequently, as you are sensitive to unequal displays of affection. They will lend you their jacket and not complain if you never return it.

Dating a Cancer means home-cooked dinners, warm beverages, movie evenings, and adorable Post-it notes on the bathroom mirror. Birthdays and anniversaries are important to you, but so are minor details like wine preferences or a childhood Star Trek obsession that your partner never mentions. A Cancer will demonstrate affection in the smallest details. Make a Valentine’s Day scrapbook with images, love notes, and Star Trek stickers for your lover.

Love horoscope Leo
A Leo’s many talents do not include subtlety. When you have a crush on someone, you have to physically stop yourself from complimenting and hair flipping them. Courtship suits Leos’ generous and exuberant nature. Birthdays. You hold your partners to high standards of admiration and praise, therefore you hold yourself to the same standard. You enjoy providing pricey gifts and being thoughtful. You are also highly affectionate and tend to express it physically: arm rubs, cheek kisses, long hugs, etc. You’re a big softie for cuddles.

You radiate independence and self-love and keep those values in mind when dating. But since most Leos are hopeless romantics, you gravitate towards people who shine. You may be charismatic and attentive without being “popular.” The person in the spotlight isn’t usually the one who makes you laugh during an opera or sends you news throughout the day. You value loyalty, wit, and affection beyond all else. You could never be with someone who isn’t as comfortable expressing themselves as you are. Your ideal relationships are full with loving gestures and inside jokes.

Love horoscope Virgo
In other words, you are brutally honest with yourself and with others you love. You want your partners to know who they are and what they want out of life. You despise lack of ambition and forbid settling. The Virgo is the friend who will take your phone and delete every ex, ghost, and bad date who “might call tomorrow” — without guilt.

Despite your strong sense of self, you desire to be wanted and valuable in relationships. Unbelievably, you composed essays for your high school sweetheart because you enjoy caring for people and things. You may be drawn to folks who are disorganised or require “fixing,” but you need a diligent worker who is self-deprecating and self-aware. Patience and deliberate debate are crucial for Virgos. You need a companion who understands your needs.

Love horoscope Libra
Classic serial monogamist Librans. They are rarely single and always proclaiming the existence of The One. As a Libra, you are a natural at relationships and would make a loving mate. You probably also specialise in tacky yet sweet romantic gestures. In fact, you probably collect keepsakes (a box of movie tickets, wine corks, and receipts) and like lengthy walks on the beach. Every week, send your spouse a text about something fun you want to do together, like hiking and picnicking or taking photobooth shots at the mall.

While Librans enjoy romance, friendship is perhaps the most crucial aspect in their long-term partnerships. You need someone who will help you fold your clothing as long as you return the favour. Your charisma and optimism attract many lovers, but you need a sincere companion who can give you style advice, hang out with your family, and even listen to the most boring parts of your day. Also, your photo is their phone wallpaper (because you set it for them).

Love horoscope Scorpio
In love, a Scorpio’s conflicted personality reveals through. On one claw, you are alluring and easily attract attention. You like quick chemistry. Your principal incentive for chasing another person is intense, flooding feeling. In these instances, you become restless and self-destructive. These are the first to leave. Then you’ll start tagging other individuals in your Instagram stories. If your lover becomes jealous and tightens their hold, you flee.

On the other hand, you can be extremely loyal. When you find the proper person, you will do anything to keep them. You want to grow with your partner and be valuable to each other. A Scorpio values progress and adaptability. When you feel trapped or threatened, you strike out. You may be drawn to someone you can control, but you need someone who can challenge and inspire you to be your best.

Love Horoscope Sagittarius
“First time in Europe, seeking for someone to show me around,” a Sagittarius Tinder bio might read. That and my hair is actually this great. So I can laugh at my own jokes (but you will).” Maybe a rocket ship or a taco thrown in for good measure. You don’t need Tinder to find dates or relationships, but you’re the type who spends a semester abroad and ignites a romance.

You crave exciting connections. Interests include last-minute flights, coffee dates, and stargazing. If that makes you sound like a character in a rom-com, you get me. In love, Sagittarius values enjoyment and fun above all else, therefore you may prefer flexible boundaries and dislike the need to define a relationship. You seek freedom and openness and flee when imprisoned or undervalued. But with the proper person, you’d happily buy two plane tickets endlessly.

Love Horoscope Capricorn
I wouldn’t be surprised if you texted your girlfriend three times a day to “confirm dinner plans.” Capricorns need structure and dependability to function. Love is keeping your word to you. It means you and your partner share a sense of responsibility for and towards each other. In other words, you need to trust them not to let you down, and it’s hard to regain that trust if it’s broken.

You crave achievement and ambition. You desire stability and may prefer the traditional relationship arc: dates, definition, engagement, marriage, etc. You also like elegance and comfort, so your companion can expect an occasional evening at a swanky jazz bar. You’ll undoubtedly try to tell them what to dress, but that’s simply to show off your amazing taste. Cute! Your partner can certainly expect a human alarm clock and a complete breakfast spread in return for coping with your domineering temperament.

Love horoscope Aquarius
To date an Aquarius, you must tolerate conspiracy theories and discovering random crystals under your pillow (cue the Aquarius reading this: “They’re NOT random. Amethyst encourages dreaming”). Every hour, your companion will likely receive a new article link to debate. That partner won’t survive long unless they can spark conversation, are progressive, and like the unfamiliar or unusual.


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